Pay Attention to the Scratches

It’s that time of year again. It’s been cold, and now it’s starting to rain. We typically see pest populations drop during this time of year, though you may notice more spiders and other bugs as they try to escape the cold weather. But there are some pests that are not likely to sleep, and may even be more active during the winter months of Sacramento: Rats.

Rats, like most animals, are not fond of the cold. So many of the homes that they made for themselves outdoors are no longer going to work. Instead, they’ll seek out shelter anywhere they can find it, and the warmest places in winter are going to be residential properties. They’ll come inside of your home.

Now, in some areas of the country, food is scarce in winter and it’s so cold that it’s dangerous to be outside. So, you are more likely to find rats foraging around your property looking for food. But here in Sacramento, our daytime weather is still fairly warm and food is more prevalent. It’s also safer for them to go to your garbage can or anywhere else they can find food. As a result, you may not see the rats even though they’re still active.

So how do you spot them?

You listen for scratches. Rats scratch often, and if they’re living on your property than they are likely scratching at your walls. You can also keep an eye out for droppings, but once again, you’re only going to find those droppings if they are exploring the inside of your property. Rats that still feed outdoors but only go to your property to sleep may not leave many visible droppings.

Rats also follow each other’s scents, so once some rats make it into your property, other rats follow.

Winter may be a somewhat slow time for pests, but some pests remain extremely active. Make sure that you’re getting help for rodents by contacting Adapt Pest Management, today.

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