Flea and Tick Control with ADAPT Pest Management
Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, and the Surrounding Areas

Few bugs are pleasant to have around, but parasitic insects are especially bothersome. Ticks and fleas survive by latching onto a human or animal host and consuming their blood. Ticks are more solitary and will leave after feeding, while fleas will stay with their host indefinitely. Both can spread disease, with tick bites being especially dangerous.

Ticks and fleas are common in Roseville, Rocklin, and throughout Sacramento and Placer County. ADAPT Pest Management protects your family by eliminating these pests wherever they are living in your yard with ongoing pest control. Call us at 916-755-6555 today to get started.

Characteristics of Ticks and Fleas in Placer County

Ticks fall into two main categories – hard ticks and soft ticks. The hard ticks have a rigid exoskeleton and have three distinct life stages as larva, nymph, and adult. During each of these life stages, they feed once by attaching to a host and consuming blood for a number of days.

Soft ticks do not have a hard outer shell. They will feed multiple times throughout their life with each feeding lasting for as little as a few minutes. Soft ticks often go undetected on their hosts due to their short feedings, but can still spread diseases.

Ticks of both types are small and round, and range from light brown to reddish brown in color. In Roseville and the nearby areas, the most common tick species are the:

  • American Dog Tick
  • Brown Dog Tick
  • Western Blacklegged Tick
  • Wood Tick

Fleas are more common than ticks, and less likely to spread disease. However, they travel more, breed quickly, and bite often. A flea is a tiny pest measuring 1/10” or less. They are often associated with cats and dogs for their preference of living and laying eggs in the animal’s hair while they feed. But fleas will use any furry mammal as a host, and can be introduced to your home by rodents, squirrels, or other animals. 

They will tend to stay with the animal unless it dies or leaves, or pest control is deployed against them. If the host is gone, the fleas could transfer to carpets or furniture while they await a new host, and could bite people in the household as well.

Tick- and Flea-Borne Illnesses

Ticks are vectors for disease due to their feeding behavior. They consume blood from one animal, and then move on to the next. If that first animal was infected, the tick then spreads that bacteria to its next host. Through this process, ticks regularly spread:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Tick-borne Relapsing Fever

There are a range of less common diseases transmitted by local ticks as well. Fleas have carried the bacteria that causes plague and typhus in the past, and also spread tapeworms. Flea diseases are less common, especially in humans, but frequent biting of a pet can cause challenges from over-scratching infected skin.

Ticks can spread diseases to pets as well. With a dog’s position closer to the ground and copious fur to hide any parasites on their skin, it is easy to miss a flea or tick. Keeping these pests out of your yard is one of the best ways to limit your pet’s exposure to them.

Our Process for Removing Biting Pests

Fleas and ticks out in nature are relatively unavoidable. That’s why you should use repellents and check for insect hitchhikers after outdoor activities. But these pests can be prevented from entering your home.

Tick control is extremely important in the spring when these insects begin reproducing extensively. Fleas can be active all year long. To most efficiently protect against fleas and ticks, we use ongoing prevention. Our bi-monthly pest control in the Greater Roseville area includes treatments against these pests with a focus on exterminating those already living in your yard and keeping new pests out with a barrier around your property.

When we treat for ticks and fleas, we pay attention to the areas where they most often hide between feedings. This includes:

  • Tall Grass
  • Brush
  • Leaf Piles
  • Shrubs

The methods we use work against the adult pests and the larvae and nymphs so that the entire population is eliminated. When combined with long lasting, non toxic treatments, this provides several months of protection from pests. We also provide you with tips and guidance for making your yard even less desirable to ticks and fleas.

Protect Your Home and Family with ADAPT Pest Management

Fleas and ticks aren’t simply gross or inconvenient like other pests. They present a serious health concern that makes it essential to manage their populations. Ongoing pest control with ADAPT Pest Management is the best way to mitigate the risks, no matter the time of year.

With our individualized service, we can design a plan that works with your yard in Lincoln, Roseville, Rocklin, and beyond. Take the first step in protecting against biting pests and contact us today. Our affordable pest control starts at $79 for properties under 2000 square feet, with no surprise costs.

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