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Ant Control in Roseville, Rocklin, and Beyond

The average ant colony in the Roseville, Rocklin, and Sacramento area can number in the thousands, with some colonies totaling potentially millions of ants. When you see one or two crawling across your kitchen counter, that means that there are often hundreds nearby that can soon follow. The speed with which ants can take over is what makes it necessary to take action before they can overrun your property.

ADAPT Pest Management uses ongoing pest control services to exterminate ants in Roseville, Rocklin, and all nearby areas. With visits to your commercial or residential property every other month, we use the latest in pest control science to get rid of ants – and other common household pests. We also give you the knowledge to help keep ants away between visits so you do not have to worry about a return infestation. Get started with our friendly pest control service by contacting us at 916-755-6555.

Types of Ants in Roseville and Rocklin

Northern California is home to hundreds of different types of ants. Of those species, a few make up the majority of the pest infestations. These ants rely on the crumbs and left behind food of humans to feed their colonies. Homes, along with restaurants, offices, and more, can all provide ample food for ants, even if you clean frequently. The most common ant species that affect Roseville properties include:

  • Argentine Ants – Argentine ants are the most common ant pest species in Placer County, and the likely invader if you have an infestation. They are about ⅛” long and dull brown in color. Sugar and sweet substances are their preferred food. Their colonies can contain up to 300 queens, so baits alone typically won’t work against them.
  • Pharaoh Ants – These tiny ants measure about 1/16” and are yellow or light brown. They’ll travel over 100 feet from their nest to find food, so identifying where they’re living requires an extensive search. Often they nest behind walls and baseboards, in drainage systems, or outdoors among trash.
  • Pavement Ants – Pavement ants often build their nests along sidewalks, but will also inhabit lawns or rocky areas. They are black or dark brown and 3/16” long. They hunt for food at night and will attack other ants in order to protect their territory.
  • Carpenter Ants – The largest of the pest ant species, carpenter ants can be up to ½ long. They chew into wood to build their nests, and will often come to a property in infested firewood. Although they rely on sweets for food, their consistent chewing through wood will result in structural damage if allowed to feed for too long.

Other ant species found less frequently in Placer County include the odorous house ant, thief ant, and predominantly outdoor velvety tree ant. Although less common, these species still regularly invade homes and businesses in the area if their colonies grow to an adequate size, or if they find what they’re looking for.

Pest Problems with Ant Invasions

Depending on the species of ants, you can face a variety of challenges when ants invade. Argentine ants will bite people if they are provoked. Odorous ants will leave an unpleasant smell behind after being killed. Carpenter ants will eat through the wood of your home to build nests and can also bite.

Ants are perhaps best known a common kitchen pest. The species local to Roseville and the surrounding area typically consume sweets and occasionally proteins or fat, meaning they will often get into foods in your pantry or cover kitchen surfaces. While these pests aren’t known to carry bacteria, their behavior can still require you to often throw out contaminated food and continuously clean.

Ant colonies will first send a few ants out to look for food. Once they find it, they’ll create a trail back to their colony, and ants will begin invading in large numbers. Eliminating those ants will not be enough to stop the invasion. During this time, other ants will search around your home for more sources of food. Cleaning up food can help slightly, but because ants need to find only a few crumbs, it is typically an impossible task.

Once the ants have found your home, it becomes difficult to get rid of ants on your own. Few ant colonies will leave without pest control treatments, as they can continuously find food, often crumbs or grease that are easily missed by people. Store-bought baits and pest control are ineffective against many types of ants, especially Argentine ants. This makes professional pest control in Roseville and Rocklin a must for eliminating and preventing ants.

Our Roseville Ant Control Treatment

We treat ants as part of our bi-monthly pest control services. If you already have an infestation, we first eliminate any ants in your property using solutions that are plant based. We then treat the exterior of the property, creating a barrier that ants cannot safely pass. As part of every bi-monthly treatment, we also look for ant colonies and signs of ants that could cause problems for your home in the future.

At each of our bi-monthly visits, we use the following process to effectively treat ants:

  • Identify the Species – We begin ant control by determining which type of ant is present and, if necessary, locating the colony. Different species respond better to certain treatments so this step ensures we choose the most effective ant control method.
  • Apply Treatment – We deploy eco-friendly treatments around your home, creating a perimeter that ants cannot cross. We can also target the colony directly if the species requires more direct methods.
  • Report and Advise – At the end, we provide a report on the treatments used. We also share information that you can use in conjunction with the preventative ant treatments to help keep these pests away from your home until our next visit.

Throughout the process, we are up front about the issues we see with ants and the best ways to remove them. Our experience with pest control, as well as our dedication to your satisfaction as a family-owned business, guarantees that we can reliably get rid of ants, no matter how aggressive the colony is.

Contact ADAPT Pest Management to Eliminate Ants

ADAPT Pest Management is based in the Rocklin and Roseville area, and proudly provides affordable monthly support for clients throughout Sacramento and Placer County. Our bi-monthly ant control treats and protects your home or business against all different types of ants. We tailor our solutions to the specific challenges and species at your property, and can come fast – often with same day or next day service for urgent ant invasions.

In addition to getting rid of ants, our ongoing pest control at ADAPT Pest Management is an affordable and effective way to remove the area’s most common pests from your property for good. Call us at 916-755-6555 to learn more about our services and the range of pests we can eliminate with regular treatments. We offer affordable pest control that starts at $79 every two months for homes less than 2000 square feet, and are happy to discuss our services over the phone at any time. 

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