Fly Control

The average fly lives between 8 days and 2 months. In that time, it will spread millions of microscopic bacteria, some of them harmful, and lay thousands of eggs. While you may be able to deal with a stray insect with a fly swatter, an infestation of flies requires professional treatment to eradicate before it becomes a more serious problem.

At ADAPT Pest Management, fly abatement is one of our many Sacramento pest control services. We address each fly infestation individually, taking time to learn the species and cause so we can create a tailored treatment plan that eliminates flies at any property. Suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, our fly control is affordable, effective, and fast. We also offer ongoing pest control to prevent flies from getting onto your property. To get a quote for pricing, and to learn about what we can do to get rid of flies, contact us at 916-755-6555

Why You Might Have Flies

Flies prefer to be outdoors. But, flies may end up on your property in search of food and as long as food is present, more and more flies and maggots (their young) will breed and spread. Flies are typically attracted to: 

  • Open Food Items
  • Trash
  • Decaying Organic Matter
  • Animal Remains
  • Warm Shelter

Some flies might come into your home in an infested item, such as rotten produce. The majority come in through open doors, windows with missing screens, or other cracks around your home as they follow the scent of decay or food.

Homes experience a number of flies, but commercial properties with significant amounts of food and trash are especially vulnerable as there is plenty for flies to eat. Businesses also face serious repercussions if the presence of flies results in the spread of disease. 

Why Are Flies a Problem?

The most common problem with flies is that they are a nuisance. They can be loud, “gross,” and aggressively fly onto food you’re eating. They also breed fast, which means potentially finding maggots throughout your home. But the main problem with flies is that they also increase the risk of disease.

When a fly lands on the item it is consuming (which may include trash, expired meats, and other unclean organic matter), it picks up thousands of microbes that stick to its body. The fly also consumes these items and may leave their young behind in order to feed on them in the future. The next time a fly lands, it spreads some of those microbes from its body and regurgitates more from its stomach, leaving each item the fly touches possibly infected.

House flies are known to carry and spread over 100 pathogens that can cause bacterial infections or diseases like cholera, hepatitis, and dysentery. They regularly transmit E. coli and salmonella bacteria. While diseases from flies are rare, the combination of disease and inconvenience means any recurring fly issue is one that should be addressed fast by a professional pest control company. 

How We Remove and Prevent Flies

Fly treatments are generally a part of ongoing regular pest control, which can help to prevent flies at your home or business all year. But if flies have infested your property or advanced measures are needed for fly control, we use several processes to exterminate them: 

  • Locate the Source – An initial inspection locates the food source(s) that are attracting and sustaining the flies. If we discover trash, a wildlife infestation, or animal remains, we first take steps to remove the source and clean up the area.
  • Apply Treatment –  We use effective, long lasting insecticides to remove any flies on the property. Our eco-friendly insecticides kill on contact for a fast and efficient extermination. There is no risk to people or other animals as the insecticides are nontoxic and derived from plants.
  • Address Openings – As an additional precaution to keep flies from returning, we note any areas where flies came in. These can be identified in the inspection, and repairing screens or installing pest proof barriers reduces the possibility of flies coming in later.
  • Report and Prevent – Our fly abatement finishes with a report on the procedures we used and a list of steps you can take to manage flies going forward.

Properties where flies are an ongoing problem should consider ongoing pest control. With our ongoing pest control, we use recurring visits to eliminate any flies around your home or business and preventative treatments around the perimeter to deter future infestations.

Flies are more than just an annoyance. They are a serious health issue when they invade the areas where we prepare and consume food. ADAPT Pest Management effectively eliminates this and other pests. Find out more about our solutions for fly abatement in the Roseville and Greater Sacramento area by calling us now.

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