Bimonthly Pest Control

Ongoing Pest Management in Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Sacramento, Granite Bay, Antelope, Auburn & Loomis

Pest control doesn’t have to be a response to seeing pests in your home. Often by the time you see one pest, many more are already living somewhere on your property. The best method of pest control is prevention, using ongoing pest control services that protect against common household pests all throughout the year.

With bimonthly pest control in Roseville, Sacramento, and the nearby cities, Adapt Pest Management is the leading choice for preventing insects and spiders all year long. Our affordable pest control services are ideal at residential and commercial properties, providing innovative techniques to get rid of the region’s most likely invasive pests. Find out what makes our ongoing pest control efficient and effective by calling us at 916-755-6555

Why Use Ongoing Pest Control Services?

By the time you see a bug on your floor or out in the garden, there are likely thousands more nearby, all just waiting to come in. The longer you wait, the more likely a significant infestation will take place. Ongoing pest control is the most effective way to both reduce any current infestations in the early stages and keep bugs from entering your property altogether. Ongoing pest control involves:

  • Current Pest Elimination – We treat your property both inside and out using safe treatments that eliminate all of the pests currently living inside of your home. If we see any significant problems, we’ll let you know right away and discuss the process to remove them.
  • Protective Barrier – We also apply a protective barrier of state of the art solutions. These insecticides are derived from flowers, so they’re safe for people and pets. Yet they create a barrier that pests are unable to pass safely, helping ensure your home is pest free.
  • Sealing and Exclusion – We are also able to offer a process known as exclusion. Exclusion involves finding any possible entrance points and sealing your home completely, so that wildlife – and pests – are physically unable to enter. This optional service is especially effective against wildlife, keeping mice, rats, and other animals away.

The treatment is long lasting, which means we only have to come once every two months for most properties in order to repeat the treatment in a way that is right for each season. We stand behind our pest control, but if for any reason you do see pests on your property, we are also able to come back and supply other effective treatments as needed, as well as seek out how they may have entered your home. 

Pests We Target

With ongoing pest control, we eliminate and prevent the majority of common household found in the greater Sacramento area. Treatments are coordinated for the types of pests most active at different times of the year, including:

We also treat around your property, seeking out areas where problematic pests may be (such as wasps) and applying treatments that help exterminate them and prevent future invasions. 

Ongoing Pest Control at Commercial Properties

As a business, you need to maintain a clean and safe environment for your customers. Failing to do so could hurt your reputation and result in penalties for health code violations, costing you severely in lost sales and pest control.

We partner with businesses of all types to provide continuous pest control. With our preventative care, your business can operate without interruption and without costs of corrective action against pests, making ongoing pest management a cost effective investment in your business.

 Advantages of Adapt Pest Management’s Ongoing Pest Control

The main reason people choose ongoing pest control is for the assurance that their home or business will always be kept safe from pests. At Adapt Pest Management, we offer further benefits with our ongoing services, promising our customers: 

  • No Commitment – We do not require a contract, because we are motivated to always prove that we deserve your business through the solutions we offer.
  • Affordable Services – We pride ourselves on offering some of the most affordable pest control in the region, and are always transparent about our costs and pricing models.
  • Thorough Treatments – A treatment is only successful if it addresses every pest. We start each visit with an inspection of your property so we know which pests are present. If changes or new challenges develop, we can adjust our usual treatment methods so that your home remains protected.

If you are tired of dealing with bugs living in your home or simply want to reduce the chances of an invasion, get started with bimonthly pest control from Adapt Pest Management. Give us a call or fill out our contact form. We’ll discuss options for your property, rates, and more.

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