Animal Damage Repair with ADAPT Pest Management Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, and the Surrounding Areas

If nuisance wildlife – such as rodents, raccoons, birds, bats, or squirrels – have invaded your home, getting rid of them is only the first step. All of these animals will leave behind damage and debris, particularly those that have been present for a long time. Left alone, the mess created by an animal invasion can have long term repercussions for your health and your property.

But animal cleanup also isn’t a task you can handle with home cleaning tools. There are often harmful bacteria and contaminants that require professional knowledge and equipment to remove safely. ADAPT Pest Management can both remove animals and provide the needed attic and wildlife cleanup in Roseville and the surrounding area to restore your home. Contact us at 916-755-6555 if you are experiencing problems with wild animals on your property.

Types of Wildlife Damage in Roseville and the Surrounding Area

Wildlife invasions are not uncommon in homes and businesses in the Greater Sacramento region. Mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels, bats, and birds can all set up nests inside an attic, wall void, or other area on your property. When they do, removing them is the priority for preventing further damage to your home or any run-ins with a wild animal.

But after removal, you are still left with the damage the animals caused prior. Torn or contaminated insulation is a common effect of animals. Mice and squirrels will tear up insulation to use for their nests. Raccoons’ significant weight can compress insulation, making it less effective.

Other animals will leave their feces and urine on insulation. The moisture also makes the insulation less optimal for maintaining a temperature. Any insulation damage from animals can continue to impact your comfort and electricity bills after animals have gone.

Droppings are a specific concern as well. In addition to ruining insulation, droppings contain bacteria that can continue to be dangerous. Bird and bat droppings are especially risky as they dry and turn to dust, providing a place for fungus to grow. When the dust enters the air, inhaling it can cause various respiratory illnesses like:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Psittacosis
  • Cryptococcosis

Feces and urine from rodents can also carry diseases like meningitis and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome which can similarly be inhaled if they enter the air. For droppings near your HVAC system or exposed vents, any disturbing these particles could result in pathogens spread throughout your home.

Other debris left from wildlife, such as food waste and deceased animals, can continue to attract other pests, such as flies, centipedes, and earwigs into your home. Animal remains will also result in a strong and unpleasant odor that can be difficult to remove.

How We Cleanup After a Wildlife Invasion

Cleaning up after animals has the potential to release harmful pathogens into the air, so safety is our key concern. We use extreme caution and the most up to date practices to ensure no contaminated materials are tracked through your home and any debris is completely removed.

If you have animals on your property when you call us, we will handle removal first, often through trapping or exclusion. When animals are gone, we can move on to restoration where we use the following process to clean up:

  • Inspection – With a thorough inspection of areas where animals were living and surrounding locations, we locate any damaged materials or dropping deposits. Since many animals will live in tight spaces inside a property where they are unlikely to be disturbed, we check every potential hiding space.
  • Prep Worksite – If dustlike droppings are found, we use a fogger to create a fine mist in the attic or space we are working in. This mist dampens droppings so they are less likely to enter the air when disturbed. We also seal off any areas to prevent the transfer of contaminated air.
  • Remove Damaged Insulation – We pull out insulation that has been contaminated or destroyed and securely dispose of it in double bagged plastic. This traps any particulate matter inside.
  • Collect Debris – Either by hand or with a high powered vacuum, we sweep up rodent droppings, bird droppings, and bat guano from floors and walls.
  • Decontaminate – A fogger is used again to disperse sanitizer through the attic. We use a nontoxic sanitize that kills lingering bacteria and fungal growths to leave surfaces disinfected.
  • Install New Insulation – To complete restoration, we replace insulation and take care of any other slight damages caused to your property by animals, leaving your home as it was prior to the invasion.

We perform attic restoration and wildlife cleanup at both homes and businesses. There is also no limit to the size of job we can handle. We have cleaned up after large and long term infestations that left significant damage behind, as well as a single animal with more minimal debris.

Because any type of wildlife infestation can leave harmful debris, it is best to not only ensure it is cleaned but to trust the work to a professional. Our dedicated equipment, training, and safety standards make it possible for us to manage the process safely.

Get Started – Contact ADAPT Pest Management for Wildlife Removal and Cleanup

The dangers of wildlife invasions, both while they are present and after they are gone, make it necessary to call a professional team. ADAPT Pest Management has wildlife removal services to quickly get rid of animals, as well as the tools to recover your property once animals are gone.

Our services are also available in Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn, and much of Sacramento to provide you with knowledgeable, skilled, and licensed wildlife cleanup. With friendly people and affordable prices, we are dedicated to ensuring your home or business is safe after an animal infestation. Contact us to get started with a quote for animal removal cleanup.

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