Rodent Removal and Exclusion in Roseville, Sacramento, and All Throughout the Region

Rodents have lived closely beside humans for thousands of years. It’s a relationship that mice and rats love – they receive shelter in our buildings and food from our kitchens or trash cans. But for humans and pets, rodents put us at risk for several diseases, create a mess with their droppings, and chew through insulation and wiring. Given this uneven relationship between man and rodent, it is important for both residential and commercial properties to address rodent invasions quickly and thoroughly.

Like all wildlife control, rodent removal and prevention is best done by an expert. ADAPT Pest Management has advanced trapping techniques that eliminate rats and mice before they can spread and cause additional damage to your property or business’s reputation, along with detailed exclusion services to seal entrances. Call us at 916-755-6555 as soon as you notice rodents in your space.

Rat and Mice Infestations in Roseville

Food commonly lures rodents into homes and buildings. They find this food in the form of trash or crumbs, or by breaking into your pantry. Once inside, they will commonly nest in quieter, undisturbed spaces such as inside walls, in attics, in corners, and behind appliances.

Rodents breed quickly. One female mouse can have more than 50 babies in a year, birthing a new litter once a month. The longer mice or rats are able to live and breed in your home or business, the greater chance of:

  • Droppings
  • Food Residue
  • Disease Spread
  • Bites to People and Pets
  • Torn Insulation
  • Chewed Wiring

This pest is highly adaptable, and they are not likely to leave on their own after building a nest so long as food and shelter are still available. To remove them effectively, our comprehensive approach uses traps and prevention techniques.

Trapping and Exclusion

We begin our rodent control with an inspection. During this process, we’re looking for where rats or mice are nesting and where they have spread throughout the property. We also seek out any areas they can enter from the outside, of which there may be more than one.

Then we develop a plan to remove rats and keep them out. We use traps and baits designed to catch rodents. By placing these around the interior of your home and in the areas where we’ve seen the most activity. Over the course of a few days, the traps will eliminate any rodents in your home.

When rodents are gone, we close off those holes or other vulnerable spots we discovered in our inspection. This creates a physical barrier around your home that rodents cannot pass through.

Commercial Rodent Services

At businesses, rats and mice are one of the more common, and more harmful pests. Their ability to track down food makes restaurants and other food service establishments a prime target, but anywhere food is present is at risk. This includes retail stores, warehouses, groceries, and even offices.

Rodents on the premises are a severe health code violation because of the diseases they cause. They are also difficult to eliminate without comprehensive trapping. We partner with many local businesses to monitor for rodents and remove them at the first sign, preventing any large scale problems from developing.

Like any wildlife, attempting to remove rodents yourself can be dangerous. Rats especially are known to be aggressive, and any animal could bite or scratch. Professional rodent control is a safe and effective option for homes and businesses alike. At the first sign of scratching in your walls, or even before you’ve noticed rodents, ADAPT Pest Management can protect your property. Give us a call to learn more about our rodent management process.

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