Pest Control in Antelope, CA Starting at $79 for Bi-Monthly Service!

With friendly neighborhoods, plenty of parks, and close access to both entertainment and nature, Antelope, CA is a perfect community for families. But those who live here know that local homes can experience the same pest problems as other areas around Sacramento where a few bugs can quickly turn into a serious infestation.

ADAPT Pest Management specializes in ongoing pest control in Antelope to prevent the pests that bother homeowners in the region. For as little as $79 per visit for up to 2000 square feet, we come to your home or business bi-monthly to treat for all common bugs and protect against infestations. We also offer wildlife removal to keep animal pests out as well. To get help with bugs or wildlife, contact us at 916-755-6555.

Our Method for Year Round Pest Control

Spotting a bug inside your home or in your garden can be alarming. Unfortunately, by the time you see one bug, there are almost always hundreds more nesting nearby. This is because many insects are most active at night and tick to out of the way places as they move through your home, enabling them to go unnoticed.

Instead of waiting to find a pest infestation yourself, we use ongoing pest control so that you never have to deal with bugs. This includes most of the common bugs in Antelope, such as:

  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Earwigs
  • Silverfish
  • Roaches
  • House Centipedes, and More

Every other month, we come to your home or business and perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of the property. If there are pests collecting around your yard, we’ll find them, even if the infestation is still in the early stages.

We then treat your yard to eliminate current infestations and build an invisible barrier against future infestations. This two-fold protection strategy is what makes our ongoing pest control so effective, guaranteeing you won’t see pests between visits.

Humane Wildlife Control in Antelope

In a suburban environment, wildlife are another pest that commonly causes problems in homes. Their frequent coexistence with humans has led them to rely on homes and businesses to provide them food and shelter. Whether they come inside to set up a nest or are posing an immediate health risk elsewhere on your property, they need to be removed quickly.

The local wildlife around Antelope includes:

  • Trapping
  • Exclusion
  • Deterrents
  • Extermination

We remove wildlife with up to date, humane techniques that meet the requirements of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. In many cases we use live trapping to securely capture the animal for removal. When live trapping is impossible, such as with rodents and yard pests, we have fast-acting traps for extermination with minimal pain.

We also have exclusion services and deterrent installation as alternative methods to force wildlife off of your property and keep them away in the future.

Get Ongoing Protection from Pests – Call ADAPT Pest Management

Our ongoing pest control services are among the area’s most competitively priced with costs starting at $79 per visit for a 2000 square foot property. For residential and commercial pest control in Antelope, we can effectively keep pests out all year long. With local experience and a dedication to helping our Antelope, Rocklin, and Roseville neighbors, ADAPT Pest Management is knowledgeable, affordable, and determined to keep our clients’ homes pest free. Get started today by calling us to schedule your first visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Be Home During Pest Treatment?

A: You can almost always be at home when we are performing treatment, although you do not need to be for bi-monthly pest control. Our treatments are safe to use while you are home. If there are any safety concerns, we will always discuss them with you in depth before we get started.

Q: How Much Does Pest Extermination Cost in Antelope?

A: Like our affordable bi-monthly pest control, one time extermination services, wildlife removal, and other services are also highly affordable. We can give you a free estimate based on your pest challenges when you contact our team. 

Q: What If Pests Come Back After Treatment?

A: Before we begin pest control, we will go over the satisfaction guarantee with you so you know when you are covered. For bi-monthly pest control, you are covered if you start to see bugs between our visits. For other pests, we can use additional visits if bugs or wildlife remain after the first visit.

Q: Do You Offer One Time Extermination?

A: Yes, if you find yourself suddenly dealing with a pest problem, our team can quickly assess the situation and implement the correct treatment to eliminate bugs or remove wildlife.

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