Bird Control

From managing bug populations to providing enjoyment for bird watches around the world, birds have much to offer. Yet wild birds are best kept outside and away from properties. This is a matter of health as well as the security of your property where birds and their debris can cause damage if a population inhabits a place for weeks.

Cleaning up after birds can quickly become time consuming, and letting them land and nest uncontrolled on your property can be an expensive mistake. Bird control in Roseville by ADAPT Pest Management addresses the challenge with bird exclusion. We take an integrated approach to making your property uninhabitable to birds. Start with an inspection by calling us at 916-755-6555.

Why to Keep Birds Away from Your Business or Home

In Roseville, our most common nuisance birds are pigeons, sparrows, crows, starlings, and the occasional seagull from a nearby lake. Any of these birds flying around your yard or business is rarely an issue, but if they start nesting on your property, they cause challenges such as:

  • Unsightly Bird Poop – Birds leave droppings beneath the areas they land and nest. While a dropping or two is fine, large quantities quickly become disgusting. They look unsanitary and unprofessional, and can begin to smell.
  • Annoying Noise – Seagulls, crows, blue jays, and other birds can be loud, interrupting the peace around your home or business if they’re nesting nearby. Similarly, birds inside your walls or attic can be loud as they flap their wings.
  • Corrosive Droppings – The droppings birds leave are high in uric acid, meaning they eat through paint, metal, wood, and other materials. This damage can happen in a matter of days if the droppings are not cleaned as soon as possible.
  • Disease – Breathing in the dust from droppings, consuming contaminated foodstuffs, or coming into contact with birds themselves can spread several different diseases. These include bird flu, E. coli, and salmonella.
  • Solar Panel Damage – With the increasing installation of solar panels, birds are learning to use the sheltered area beneath the panel for nest building. This puts delicate electrical wiring in jeopardy, and can destroy the surface beneath the panels too.
  • Fire Risk – Birds make their nests out of twigs, leaves, trash, and other highly flammable items. Because they also prefer to build these nests in warm areas, like those provided by vents or electrical boxes, there is a chance that the nest could ignite if there is a spark.

Birds are a particular problem for businesses with a storefront or warehouse space that offers them shelter and warmth. However, this can impact your profits, putting you at risk for customer dissatisfaction, damaged goods or equipment, and code violations.

Removing birds is a challenge for a few reasons. First, birds are intelligent and able to adapt. They will quickly learn not to be scared of visual deterrents or loud noises and will find new landing places nearby if their primary one disappears. Species that migrate also tend to return to the same location year after year, making birds an annual problem.

The other difficulty in dealing with birds is that there are protective rules in place for several species, particularly migratory birds, regarding how they can be handled. Removing nests or the birds themselves is not always a possibility. Instead, we focus on exclusion to keep birds out.

Bird Deterrents and Exclusion

When removing birds, we focus on exclusion, modification of areas they perch, and modification of their behavior. The most effective techniques depend on which type of birds are around your property. We begin with an inspection to learn more about which species are present and where they congregate, then use our knowledge of local birds to develop a plan for repelling them.

We have worked with all common nuisance species, from seagulls to pigeons, as well as more unique birds. For each kind, we know how they respond to different visual cues and sounds, what attracts them, and what repels them. Some of the options we have for managing birds are:

  • Exclusion – We install bird netting, vent guards, and similar implements around there areas where birds enter such as the spaces beneath solar panels, roof vents, exhaust systems, chimneys, and more. These make it impossible for birds to get inside a structure to build a nest.
  • Structural Modifications – By placing bird spikes and sloped ledges on the surfaces where birds land, we keep them from resting in that location where they might build a nest or leave droppings.
  • Behavioral Modifications – Some bird species are frightened by moving or shiny objects, or loud sounds. We can place visual or sound deterrents in areas that birds frequent, making them less likely to roost there.

We further customize bird deterrents based on your specific needs, taking into account the look of your home or business. Low profile bird deterrents and placements that are more hidden help maintain your curb appeal while still repelling birds.

If a bird needs to be removed for safety reasons, ADAPT Pest Management is licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game to humanely capture wildlife and restore them to their native habitat. The possibility for removal depends on legislation for the particular species, all of which we help you to understand as we determine the best bird management methods for your property.

Whatever bird challenges your property is experiencing – from endless droppings to unwanted nests – ADAPT Pest Management has the bird exclusion methods to keep these animals away from your property. Our humane methods keep your family, your property, and environmentally important birds safe. Set up an appointment for bird control services today.

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