Rat Control and Rat Extermination in Roseville, Rocklin Call Adapt Pest Management to Get Rid of Rats in Greater Sacramento

Comprehensive Rat Removal and Rodent Control in the Greater Sacramento Area – Friendly Service, Great Prices

Adapt Pest Management provides both pest control and wildlife removal. Both are required for effective, comprehensive rat control. We know how to find the smallest of entrance points, and use tools and technology that allow us to seal off rodent entrances, trap them effectively, and safely remove them from your property.

We are based on Roseville, and provide our rat control services to clients in Rocklin, Sacramento, Granite Bay, Auburn, Lincoln, and beyond. If you need someone to get rid of rats, call or text us today at 916-755-6555, or use our online form to connect with our team.

Why Choose Adapt Pest Management?

Rat control isn’t just about trapping. It is also about restoring your peace of mind. Our technicians, led by our owner and lead operator, make sure that you can see the work that we’re doing and trust that the process is going to work for you. Rats are invaders. When they are on your property, it’s normal to feel concerned that they’ll pop up on any corner or get back in again. We want to make sure that we not only remove rats – we also help you feel safe and secure in your home.

When to Call a Rat Control Company – Signs of Rats and Mice

If you see a rat, you have a rat problem. But most people do not see the rats themselves. Rats are excellent hiders that are more active at night. Some rats also come in and out as they please, which means you may never see them on your property unless they sense you’re not home or a threat.

But you can find signs of rats. These include:

  • Rat droppings.
  • Rat urine smell.
  • Staining along the base of the walls.
  • Chew marks around the property.
  • Scratching noises in the walls, especially at night.
  • Footprints or rub marks.
  • Possible entrance holes.

As large as rats can be, they only need a space as large as a quarter to enter a home, which means that any signs of rodents is a sign that you could have many rats entering your property.

Safe and Effective Rat Control in Rocklin and Sacramento

Adapt Pest Management uses the industry standard approach to rat removal – one that is safe for your family and most likely to eliminate all the rats currently there. It starts by sealing entrances, preventing rats from moving in and out. Then it requires strategically placing traps in areas that rats are likely to frequent, and checking back in on them often.

We are able to provide these services with our combination of great prices and great service, and do whatever we can to improve your satisfaction. If you need help to get rid of rats, contact Adapt Pest Management, today.

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