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Summer picnics often go hand in hand with a fly or two. And while that may be expected at the park, you never want swarms of flies at your home or business, where they are a health concern and can be distressing to struggle with. Flies are often associated with trash collection, a dead animal on the property, or poor cleaning practices, none of which make it feel safe to eat or enjoy your time at the property.

ADAPT Pest Management gets rid of flies in Roseville by getting to the core of the problem. Fly control is part of our ongoing pest control where we use careful inspections to identify what’s bringing flies to your property and how they’re getting in so we can take the quickest action to remove them and keep them out. Call us at 916-755-6555 to take advantage of our year round control for flies and other local pests.

Fly Species in Roseville and Rocklin, CA

Of the thousands of fly species found in Placer County alone, there are only a handful of types that are considered a pest. These species are the ones that consume human food, frequently invade houses or businesses, bite people, and are the most responsible for spreading diseases. The flies that most frequently require pest control include:

  • House Fly – The common house fly is one of the world’s most common pests. They are a dull grey in color and grow to approximately ¼” long. Their habitat is often in garbage or around animal manure.
  • Green Bottle Fly – Named for its iridescent green coloring, these flies lay their eggs in garbage, animal remains, and cooked meats. They have one of the largest populations of flies in this area.
  • Blow Fly – These flies also have an iridescent color. They are most often around animal remains, and their presence often means a dead animal is nearby. Their name comes from the fact that they lay eggs inside dead animals, causing the remains to appear bloated.
  • Fruit Fly – Also known as the vinegar fly, these tiny flies feed on fermented materials such as rotting fruits and vegetables, compost, and beer and soda residue in cans. They are a common kitchen pest and often come into a home on an infested piece of produce.
  • Drain Fly – These small flies have a rounded appearance with wings that look hairy. They congregate around plumbing and areas of leaking sewage, and breed in the slimy residue around drains. 
  • Cluster Fly – Cluster flies are not associated with dirty conditions. Instead, they use earthworms for food. They are a common pest in the winter when they move into walls and attics to wait out the cold.
  • Soldier Fly – This black fly is common around composting bins where it helps break down organic elements. It is even possible to buy soldier fly larvae to help speed the decomposition process. In large quantities, it can become a pest.
  • Fungus Gnats – These gnats are often found around damp or overwatered soil where fungal growths occur.

Fly activity peaks in Placer County during the summer months since these insects are cold blooded and warm weather helps them regulate their body temperature. Summer weather also leads to a faster reproduction cycle with flies aging from eggs to adult in fewer than 7 days. However, some species, like the green bottle fly, can be active all year unless the temperature drops significantly.

Why Is a Fly Infestation a Problem?

Flies are associated with filth, and there are two good reasons for this. First, flies are drawn to decomposing materials which form the bulk of their food. This includes trash, feces, animal remains, and rotten food. A large number of flies can indicate an unclean area or decaying object nearby.

Most fly species also spread filth. They walk over and consume decaying material, resulting in each insect carrying hundreds of bacteria and viruses. The pathogens can cling to their legs and bodies, shedding off onto whatever surfaces they land on. The average fly will carry over 1 million bacteria on its body, and while the odds of getting sick are low, any time flies come into contact with food, water, or skin, there is a risk of illness and infection.

Flies also regurgitate as they eat and further spread the pathogens they carry in their stomachs onto various surfaces. The cross contamination caused by flies can spread:

  • E. Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Cholera
  • Typhoid, and More

Because flies often go after human food, they are often found around kitchens, dining areas, and food storage where the bacteria they spread is easily transmitted to food products people will later consume. Keeping flies out of any food prep areas is a matter of public health.

Our Fly Elimination Procedure

Fly control requires identification of species to get started. Once we know the type of fly, we use our knowledge of that particular species to figure out the source. It could be compost, a dead animal, open trash, something in your garden, or another factor. We work with you to remove the source, whether through exclusion guidance or enhanced cleaning measures.

Different fly species also respond best to certain treatments. After we’ve identified what’s attracting flies, we move to removal using the treatment that works best against that particular species. This eliminates adult flies and larvae from around your exterior property.

But rather than waiting until a fly infestation is active in your home, we use bi-monthly pest control to provide a more comprehensive form of protection. In addition to exterminating any flies or larvae currently present, we use long lasting pre-treatments to deter flies before they ever get to your property. We point out every risk we see as well so you can further decrease the risk of infestation.

Ongoing pest control utilizes visits every other month to control fly populations, along with other pests, throughout the year. There are no contracts involved and our rates are some of the most affordable in the area, making it possible to get guaranteed pest control within your budget.

Contact ADAPT Pest Management for Year Round Fly Control

When you need year round fly control in Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, Lincoln, or beyond, ADAPT Pest Management is the company to call. There is no better way to your business or home sanitary and free from pests. Our local knowledge and hands on experience, both the product of years of serving our customers, enables us to provide the most effective pest control in the area.

Give us a call whether you’ve noticed an increase in flies around your property or simply want to prevent pests in the future. We will talk about the issues you’ve noticed around your home and the solutions we can offer with bi-monthly pest control.

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