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Most species of spiders are harmless. In theory, having them in and around your home is helpful, as they will not cause any damage to your property, family, belongings, or garden. As predators, they eat the pests that do cause damage. They are nature’s pest control.

But they’re also creepy, some can bite, and most people have at least a moderate fear of spiders. Chances are, you don’t want spiders in or right around your home. Professional spider control in Roseville can limit the number of these pests. At ADAPT Pest Management, we target both spiders and their food sources with bi-monthly pest control, so that you have peace of mind in knowing your home is protected. Set up a pest control visit today by contacting us at 916-755-6555. We serve Rocklin, Roseville, Auburn, Lincoln, and throughout the Greater Sac region.

Types of Spiders in Placer County and Sacramento

Beyond the eight legs that differentiate spiders from insects, every type of spider has unique characteristics. Just in the Roseville area, there are spiders ranging from 1/16 inch across to several inches wide (for tarantulas). They come in a variety of colors, although most in this area range from light brown to grey to black. Some create itchy bites, others painful bites, and a few can be dangerous. Some of the species we most often come across are:

  • Wolf Spider
  • Cellar Spider (also known as Daddy Long Legs)
  • Tarantula
  • Yellow Sac Spider
  • Garden Spider
  • Grass Spider
  • Black Widow

Whether or not a spider builds a web depends on the species. The yellow sac spider, for example, will construct protective sacs, which function as nests for protection and breeding.

Regardless of nesting type, spiders will live in areas that are sheltered and out of the way. Outside, this means leaf and wood piles, gardens, under roof eaves, and around foundations and patios. Indoor spiders like corners, such as those behind furniture or at ceiling level. Garages, crawl spaces, and attics are also popular locations for spiders since they are easily accessible and often undisturbed.

Poisonous Spider Challenges in the Roseville Area

Although most spiders are harmless, they are not completely without risk – especially if you have a black widow or yellow sac spider on your property. These are the only two poisonous spiders in Roseville that are considered harmful to humans, while bites from other spiders, like wolf spiders, may still be painful but pose limited serious risks.

A black widow spider has a distinctive appearance with a shiny black body and a red hourglass shaped marking on its back. It measures about ½ inch across. They are nocturnal and will stick to dark corners. They are not aggressive and attack only in defense. When they attack, they release a poison that affects the nervous system, resulting in loss of muscle control, nausea, difficulty breathing, rash, swelling, and pain. Though uncommon, black widow bites can be fatal.

Yellow sac spiders are identifiable by their pale brown or yellow abdomens. They most often live outside during the summer and come inside only in the winter when it gets cold. Like black widows, they bite in defense, but their bite is less severe. It results in a slow healing sore and swelling around the site of the bite that usually diminishes within 3 days, however it can also trigger necrosis (skin death) that can cause problems.

Children or older adults, or those who experience an allergic reaction to a spider’s bite are at increased risk if they come into contact with one of these poisonous spiders. Preventing spiders in areas where these people are present can reduce the chances of an emergency.

How We Remove Spiders

Seeing a spider around your home or business once in a while is not usually considered a pest control problem. The spider might have naturally wandered in following a few insects and can be either removed outside or killed with a tissue so long as it is not poisonous.

Spiders become a problem when there are many of them around your home or you are finding them frequently. We treat these spider problems with a more in depth procedure that addresses why spiders are there, not just the spiders we can see.

We start with an outdoor and/or indoor pest control service that eliminates pests currently on the property and creates a barrier that prevents other spiders from entering. Outside, we also remove any spiders that appear dangerous or problematic, and can treat areas that are at high risk for spiders, like a shed.

During each pest control treatment, we also:

  • Determine the Cause of the Spiders – We identify any increased populations or infestations of insects that spiders have followed into your home or yard as a food source.
  • Remove Spiders’ Food Source – We eliminate insects throughout your property so spiders have less to eat. When there are fewer pests on your property, less spiders try to come inside.
  • Provide Exclusion Tactics – During our inspection, we can also note areas that provide access to spiders or ideal places for them to hide so you can take steps towards excluding them.
  • Monitor and Report – We finish up with a thorough report of our finding regarding spiders and insects, and our treatments. This keeps you up to date on the exact problems so you are in control of your services.

Spider treatment is covered as part of ongoing pest control service in the Roseville, Rocklin, and Greater Sacramento area, which is the most effective way to remove and prevent spiders. Our ongoing pest control eliminates the insects – flies, ants, earwigs, and roaches – that spiders eat. By managing these pest populations, we make your property less tempting for spiders, giving you complete protection from pests.

ADAPT Pest Management offers bi-monthly treatments to get rid of spiders and the pests that attract them. Each of our routine visits consists of an inspection, treatment, and report to help you understand what was done to remove insects and spiders.

Get Rid of Spiders and Other Pests with ADAPT Pest Management

Locally-owned in Roseville, ADAPT Pest Management offers spider control and ongoing pest management for residential and commercial properties in all of the surrounding cities. We regularly see clients in Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn, and Sacramento, all at affordable prices and done to the highest standard.

Let us show you the difference friendly and knowledgeable service can make in pest control. We can promise that your home will be free of spiders and you’ll know you are taken care of by our professional technicians who are focused on your peace of mind. Contact us to start the process.

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