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Wasps are a beneficial insect. But they are also territorial. Their stings are painful, and they have the ability to sting multiple times, and can be aggressive if they feel there is a threat. That makes pest control especially important.

For wasp control in Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, and most of Placer and Sacramento County contact ADAPT Pest Management. ADAPT Pest Management eliminates and repels wasps through a comprehensive wasp treatment and removal plan. Our ongoing pest control uses bi-monthly treatments around your home or business to monitor, remove, and prevent wasps from building nests or migrating into your area. Learn more about our bi-monthly pest control and wasp solutions by calling us at 916-755-6555 or filling out our online form.

Types of Wasps in Placer County

Wasps can be solitary insects or live in hives. For those that are social, their hive can contain just over a hundred insects, as a paper wasp nest does, or thousands, as with a yellow jacket nest. Wasps typically build their nests above ground in trees, attics, walls, and other sheltered places. When these nests are too close to your home or business, it is possible that the wasps will see you as a threat and potentially cause painful stings. 

Solitary wasps can also sting if threatened. They live underground, often beneath rocks, driveways, or patios. They can be dangerous as well if their nest if close to a populated area as even one wasp has the potential to deliver multiple stings, and it is easy to accidentally disturb these wasps without noticing them.

Of the common wasp species in Placer County and Sacramento, all are social and live in hives. They include:

  • Yellow Jackets
  • Paper Wasps
  • Mud Daubers

Many wasp species, including yellow jackets, are active during the spring through fall in the local area. The worker members of the hive die off as temperatures get cooler and the queens hibernate through the winter before forming a new colony in the spring. This makes it more likely that you will find a hive or witness a swarm on your property during warm weather.

Wasps are carnivorous and consume other insects for food. Yellow jackets will eat meat, and are common around picnics or outdoor patios when dinner is present. When food becomes scarce near the end of summer, they become more aggressive in the hunt for sustenance. This is especially true of larger colonies with more insects to feed.

Risks of Stinging Insects on Your Property

Despite their risks, wasps have a role in the environment. They eat garden pests and serve as food themselves for birds and other animals. Some wasps also serve as pollinators for plants and flowers in the same way that bees do.

Coming into contact with a wasp is risky, however. Wasps can sting time after time, and are often aggressive. For those allergic to insect sting, any attack can be a health emergency. For everyone else, a wasp sting is still a painful injury.

Stinging insects become a problem when a hive establishes itself close to a residence or a business. This is because these areas often have high traffic from customers, children, pets, and others that could be harmed by an insect sting or inadvertently upset the nest. The higher number of wasps, sometimes numbering in the thousands, increases the risk of someone being stung.

Wasps and wasp nests should always be treated with caution. Never go near a nest or attempt to remove it yourself as the thousands of wasps inside will attack in defense. Single wasps spotted around your garden or business are normally harmless as long as you give them space.

How We Approach Wasp Control

We begin every visit with an inspection. This helps us determine the exact source of the problem. With wasps, we want to know if you have a nearby nest or there are elements that are attracting wasps. Identifying the cause of an increase in wasps helps us design a treatment plan. From there, we might use any of the following to get rid of wasps:

  • Remove Nests – If a nest is within a building or nearby a walkway or patio where people are often present, it is necessary to remove it. We get rid of wasps in Roseville, Rocklin, and beyond using eco-friendly treatments that eliminate wasps fast. Nests that are in a far corner of a property are usually harmless, and we instead take steps to keep wasps from coming closer to your home in their search for food.
  • Treat Other Pests – Wasps are carnivorous. If you have a different type of pest problem on your property, it may be something that attracts wasps and puts your property at greater risk.
  • Help You Keep Wasps Away – In addition to treatment, we discuss the findings of our inspection with you and what steps you can take to make a wasp swarm even less likely at your home. This works alongside our long lasting treatments to keep pests away between our visits. We can talk about barriers, and other treatments, that may provide some relief from wasp infestations.

Much of wasp control is about making your property less desirable for wasps. This means providing less access for food, limiting the ways they can get in, removing places for nest building, removing early signs of wasp nests, and more. With our expertise in stinging insect behavior, we can identify these risks before they become a problem and give you the tools you need to keep wasps away.

Each of our ongoing visits to your home or business uses an individualized approach. We address the challenges that are unique to your property, combining both treatments and information to fight back against wasps. By focusing on your specific needs, we can provide pest control that is not only effective, but possible at an affordable rate as it offers exactly what you need.

Get Started Today with ADAPT Pest Management

You’ll find pest control from ADAPT Pest Management is different from the services you receive from other companies. That’s because we wanted to build a business that prioritizes our customers. This happens through friendly service ready to answer your questions and expert work all done or overseen by our owner.

Our ongoing pest control works against almost every pest in Placer County, and certainly those you see in your yard most often. It is the most effective way to protect a property against pest invasions, from yellow jackets in the summer to the insects that live in the area all year. Call us to schedule your first appointment.

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