Attic Insulation and Attic Rodent Proofing with Adapt Pest Management

Rodent Proofing with Attic Insulation Replacement and Cleanup with Adapt Pest Management in Roseville/Sacramento

Over time, your attic is going to run into problems with mice, rats, squirrels – even bats. Those animals increase the risk of causing significant damage to your insulation in the form of chewing, droppings, and so much more. Adapt Pest Management is able to provide, as part of its pest control service, rodent proofing and attic insulation installation and replacement for properties throughout the Greater Sacramento region. We can supply you with not only rat proofing, but replacement with new attic insulation, so that your attic is both better able to protect your home from oppressive heat and less likely to have pest infestations. Find out more by calling or texting Adapt Pest at 916-755-6555. You can also use our online form to reach Mike and the team.

About Rodent Proofing and Attic Insulation Services in Rocklin, Roseville, and Beyond

Your attic is the interior barrier your property has against the elements and risks that hit the roof of your home. During the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest, a considerable amount of heat transfers through your roof and into your property.

When your attic has experienced pest damaged and becomes poorly insulated, the heat both transfers straight into your home and also lingers in your attic for longer. That causes your property to heat up, forcing your air conditioner to work extra hard and increasing the cost of your PGE or SMUD bills. Insulation stops the heat from entering your home, keeping your property cooler and helping you save on your energy usage.

Often, the reason for poor insulation is because of past pest damage. In addition, homes that are poorly insulated also tend to have holes that allow pests to enter. This is what makes replacing attic insulation a pest problem. From a pest control perspective, new insulation – and supplementary services, like air sealing – help to provide several benefits that reduce pest populations around your property:

  • Rats and mice often come into attics, leaving behind droppings and urine that can be dangerous over time, and often linger inside insulation. By removing the insulation, you remove these droppings and the contaminants. We also clean up afterward for better service.
  • Rodents use tiny access points no bigger than a quarter to enter your property through your roof. Better insulation plus rodent sealing helps to limit the ability to rodents to get into your property. It also helps naturally extend the life of the insulation.

Insulation with pest proofing is extremely helpful for your budget, your comfort level, and – with our services – your ability to prevent pests. That makes it a smart choice to anyone with old, missing, or rodent damaged insulation.

How Our Insulation Services Work

We remove insulation with a multi-step process that is thorough and long lasting. We first remove all old existing insulation, as well as any remnants of pests that may have been left behind such as rodent feces, roof debris, and other contamination. We then air seal the entirety of the attic as recommended by the EPA. This can also reduce any noises you hear coming from your roof, adding to the benefits.

Finally, we use blow-in insulation that is fire resistant and creates a firm, complete level of insulation all throughout your attic. This approach is more effective, longer lasting, and also less time consuming – ensuring that we are in and out of your property in far less time.

Call Adapt Pest Management for Attic Rodent Proofing and Insulation

Adapt Pest Management is the Sacramento area’s favorite pest control company. We have clients in Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Auburn, Lincoln, Sacramento, and beyond, and we are able to support properties throughout the region with their insulation and rodent proofing needs. Contact us at any time to get started, or to learn more about our services.

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