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Adapt Pest Management Offers Pest Control in Rocklin, Roseville, and Throughout Greater Sacramento Starting at $79, with Advanced Pest Treatments for Ants, Spiders, Cockroaches, Rodents, and More.

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Adapt Pest Management is a Local Rocklin Pest Control Company with State of the Art Equipment and Industry Leading Prices

ADAPT Pest Management is a pest control company in Rocklin, CA, and proudly provides Roseville pest control, Auburn pest control, Lincoln pest control, and services to Granite Bay, Antelope, and beyond. We provide expert pest and wildlife management, specializing specifically in affordable, ongoing visits that keep your property safe from pest infestations. With our bimonthly visits and personalized support, we can eliminate any current insects, remove wildlife, and prevent them all from coming back – all with friendly and supportive service that you expect from a local pest control company

Why Choose Adapt Pest Management?

Every pest control situation is a little different. So is every property. The most effective pest management is the one that understands these differences and uses the most efficient methods to target invading insects. At ADAPT Pest Management, our ability to adapt to each situation is the foundation of our service, because we know that you’re putting your trust in us to help you get rid of pests safely, quickly, and thoroughly. 

ADAPT Pest Management is family owned, locally operated, and has continued to grow as a result of our commitment to our customers. As your local pest control provider, we also bring more than specialized knowledge. Our trained technicians are personable, take the time to answer your questions, and treat your home or business as if it was our own. Our owner, Mike, also personally handles most of the jobs in the area because he wants to meet each and every one of our customers. 

We know you have your choice in pest control companies in Placer and Sacramento County, and we want to prove that we’re the right choice for your commercial or residential pest control needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or to ask more about our affordable prices and guaranteed service.

Why ADAPT Pest Management?

Pest control is more than just the process of spraying around your property. It involves careful inspections, knowledge of pests, an eye for detail and the ability and experience to respond to property specific challenges. You deserve local pest control that focuses on your individual needs, scaling to any size and type of property and dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

We started ADAPT Pest Management because, after working with other pest control companies, we believed it was important to offer friendly, neighborhood pest control that doesn’t cut corners – pest control that is genuinely dedicated to protecting your property and making sure that you’re always satisfied, no matter the size of your home or the cost of the service. When you choose ADAPT Pest Management for your pest control needs, you’re working with a company that is:

  •  Licensed and highly trained in the most effective pest management techniques.
  • Affordable while still providing the most professional results.
  • Dedicated to your safety, with eco-friendly pest control that is safe for your family and pets.

We are also a humane wildlife control company, which means we prioritize removing animals without any harm, and when is necessary to eliminate wildlife for safety reasons, we choose solutions that cause the least suffering. We also pay attention to the latest in science and technology within the pest control world, allowing us to help continue to provide a level of care that you cannot get anywhere else. 

We are committed to our customers, and your peace of mind is always our first priority. That is why you can count on us to provide not only exceptional pest management, but the attentive and friendly service that lets you know your property is taken care of. Whether you’re in Roseville, Granite Bay, Citrus Heights, Rocklin, or parts of Sacramento County, we’ll be there to make sure that you’re always getting the best possible pest control available. Please contact us to learn more about who we are, or to schedule your service. 

Our Pest Control Services


The most effective and efficient way to eliminate pests is with ongoing pest control treatments. With these treatments, we are able to proactively manage pest populations before they can become a problem or get indoors. We use regular visits to apply comprehensive treatments, using solutions that are long lasting, eco-friendly, and safe for both people and pets. 

Thorough Inspections

We take our time to thoroughly inspect your property and look for any signs of pests, wildlife, or problem areas.

Fast Removal

When we find pests on your property, we eliminate them using fast, effective methods that are safe for your family or staff.

Ongoing Protection

With our bimonthly pest control applications, exclusion, and other services, we make it difficult for any pests to enter.

Transparent Service

We are open and transparent about what is needed to protect your property, and always available to answer questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our bi-monthly pest control at ADAPT Pest Management starts at $79 for homes with 2000 square feet and under. For larger homes, businesses, and all of our one time pest and wildlife management services in Roseville, the cost will depend on a few different factors like the size of your property, the extent of the infestation, and the necessary treatments. We can provide a personalized quote when you contact us.

Yes, we have eco-friendly pest control methods that offer safe solutions wherever we need to use them on your property.

Humane wildlife removal means we cause as little harm as possible with our wildlife management services. We focus on strategies that prevent animal invasions, and when we need to trap and remove animals, we use harmless methods whenever possible.

It is often impossible to spot bugs until you have hundreds. By starting pest control now, we can prevent a pest infestation, saving you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

At ADAPT Pest Management, our Roseville pest control includes all of the most common pest species, such as spiders, roaches, ants, flies, stinging insects, ticks, and more.

We know that you want to get rid of bugs or nuisance wildlife as quickly as possible. We offer flexible scheduling, and once we get started, we use the leading pest science to quickly get pest populations under control.

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