Can Rats Run Up Siding?

Most of us do not want any pests of any kind on our properties. But if we had to choose the one that we want the least, it is probably rats. Rats, instinctually, mean disease and destruction. Even those that do not have many phobias typically find rats to be gross and scary in their own ways, and – when they do live on the property – the risks they create can be substantial.

One of the challenges for preventing rats is that they are adept at finding their way into properties. Even if you block all the holes and entrance points at ground level, there are still ways for rats to get inside.

How Well Can Rats Run Vertically?

Rats do not have adhesive on their feet the way spiders do. Nevertheless, they are impressive at running vertically.  

Rats are endowed with physical traits that facilitate their climbing of a variety of surfaces, contributing to their reputation as formidable invaders. Their strong limbs, agile bodies, and sharp claws are central to their ability to scale structures in search of resources or entry points. The texture and composition of the siding material can influence the ease with which rats climb, with wood and stucco offering more grip through their rough textures, while smoother surfaces like vinyl and metal provide less grip – but are not entirely insurmountable.

This climbing ability makes it possible for rats to enter a property nearly anywhere. While climbing very high up a building is tough (most of the time they’ll climb trees or look for other routes up), they can climb 6+ feet up siding, especially wooden siding, and get into a property through holes that you may not be able to see.

This ability increases the number of potential entry points into a building, including:

  • Vents
  • Eaves
  • Damaged Roofing
  • Underneath Missing Siding Shingles

The ability for rats to climb up siding means that stopping rats is not a simple job. It takes an expert at rat control that recognizes the many entrance points and what it takes to stop them.

How We Prevent Rats

Total rat prevention is difficult. But we can prevent rats from climbing up siding throughout Sacramento through a process known as “Exclusion.”

Exclusion is where a pest control company seals every entrance point they can find so that rats (and other pests) cannot enter. Rather than focus on killing rats that are already there, exclusion is designed to keep them out. If rats can’t enter, then rats can’t live and breed in your home.

Rats’ ability to climb up siding – as well as trees, fences, and more – mean that rat prevention takes more than just a few traps around the home or sealing a hole along the ground. It’s a comprehensive process. For more information about rat control in Roseville and the rest of the Sacramento area, please contact Adapt Pest Management, today.

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