Rats of Rocklin: Rodent Control for An Affordable Price

Adapt Pest Management’s Experience with Rat and Rodent Trapping and Removal Makes Us the Best Choice for One Time and Ongoing Pest Control

Rats are all around us. You may not always see them, and they may not always spend much time on your property, but these and other rodents are everywhere, seeking new sources of food, water, and shelter. One of the reasons we don’t see rats often is because they typically can’t find what they need and move on. But if they find a safe space with easy access to something they need, they’ll quickly become an ongoing invasive pest that will spread disease and damage all over your property.

Located in Rocklin, California and serving most of the Placer and Sacramento County community, Adapt Pest Management is the local preferred choice for rat control and rodent trapping. Fill out our online form or call or text us to schedule an appointment.

What is Rat Season?

Some places in the United States have specific times of year where rats are more common, like winter when the rats need a place to live in the bitter cold. But here in Rocklin, CA, we have rats all year. Our heat means that rats are always looking for shelter, and because our winters are not very cold, there is very rarely a time that they cannot explore to find new locations for food.

Rodent control is thus a year-round need, and that means that you need a rodent control expert that can help you manage these invaders. That’s what we provide here at Adapt Pest Management. With extremely affordable pricing and a commitment to your satisfaction, we can support you by:

  • Eliminating Rats
  • Removing Traps
  • Sealing Entrance Ways
  • Looking for Signs
  • Identifying Problem Areas

We can not only help you seal any entrance points that rats use to come into your property. We can also provide you with tips and feedback for keeping rats away. We want you to be as happy with our services as possible, and will go the extra mile for all of our rodent control techniques.

Types of Rats in Rocklin

There are many different species of rats in Rockin, CA but the two that are the most problematic include:

  • Norway Rats
  • Roof Rats

You may also want to keep an eye out for deer mice, which are not rats but do also invade homes similar to the way rats do. There are a few other species of rats in Rocklin, such as the woodrat, but the likelihood you will encounter them in your home is very small.

Call for a Professional

Professional extermination is the only and best way to get rid of rats in the Rocklin area. Eliminating rats alone is not enoug

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