Why We Trap Rats Before Sealing Holes

When dealing with a rat infestation, the impulse may be to simply seal up any interior holes in the property and hope for the best. However, at Adapt Pest in Rocklin, we firmly believe in trapping rats before sealing holes. That is because while we want to get rid of rats fast, we have to avoid some of the risks associated with fast rat trapping.

The Risks of Dead Rats in the Walls

Eliminating rats is not as simple as sealing up their entrance points. Though we can always seal exterior entrances, interior ones can lead to many challenges, including:

  1. Unpleasant Odors – If rats are sealed inside the walls and die, the decay can lead to highly unpleasant odors that permeate the entire building. These smells are not only offensive but may be nearly impossible to remove without opening the walls again.
  2. Health Hazards – The decaying process of rats in confined spaces can lead to the release of bacteria and other pathogens that can be harmful to human health. This can result in an invisible threat that lingers in your home or office, leading to potential health issues for the inhabitants.
  3. Attracting Other Pests – The smell of decaying rats can attract other pests such as insects and scavengers. This could lead to a new infestation of different pests, creating a vicious cycle of pest control issues.

There is no value in creating more problems for homeowners, no matter how much we want to stop rat invasions.

The Benefits of Trapping Before Sealing

However, if we seal exterior holes but leave interior holes open, and then lay traps around the home, we are able to provide:

  1. Controlled Removal – By trapping the rats before sealing the holes, we can ensure that they are removed from the premises in a controlled and humane manner. This eliminates the risks associated with dead rats in the walls and allows for a clean and safe resolution to the infestation.
  2. Understanding the Infestation – Trapping helps us understand the extent and nature of the infestation. It provides insights into the rats’ behavior, nesting sites, and entry points. This knowledge is crucial in implementing a comprehensive and long-term solution.
  3. Preventing Future Infestations – Proper trapping and removal are part of a complete pest control strategy. By understanding how the rats are getting in and what attracts them, we can take steps to prevent future infestations. Sealing holes without understanding the underlying issues may only offer a temporary fix.

Avoiding risks and improving the long lasting benefits of this type of rodent control are why it is critical to seal holes after the rats have been removed.

A Comprehensive Approach to Pest Control

At Adapt Pest in Rocklin, we take a comprehensive approach to rat control. We understand that merely sealing holes without addressing the underlying problem is not a solution. Trapping rats before sealing ensures a healthier, cleaner, and more humane resolution to an unsettling problem.

Contact us today if you are facing a rat infestation. Our expert team will assess the situation, trap the rats, and seal the holes, ensuring that your home or business is safe, clean, and free from the risk of future infestations. We provide services that are not only effective but also responsible and tailored to each unique situation. Don’t let a simple oversight lead to bigger problems; trust in Adapt Pest to handle your rat control needs with expertise and care.

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