Bed Bug Treatment with ADAPT Pest Management
Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, and the Surrounding Areas

Bed bugs are survivors. Not only were they once nearly eliminated before coming back, but they are outstanding hiders, feed in secret, and resistant to many types of treatment. Bed bug invasions typically cannot be removed on their own, so if you suspect you may have bed bugs, it’s important to call a local Roseville and Rocklin bed bug treatment company to get rid of bed bugs fast, all with state of the art methods and guaranteed results.

For bed bug removal in Placer County and Sacramento County, ADAPT Pest Management is the company you can depend on to provide advanced solutions, affordable prices, and knowledgeable service. We have residential and commercial bed bug control to remove bed bugs wherever they are living. If you have noticed bed bugs or unexplained bites, call ADAPT Pest Management at 916-755-6555 today. 

What Makes Bed Bugs a Challenge in the Roseville Area

There was a period recently where bed bugs were almost eradicated as a pest. This isn’t the case today. In recent decades, bed bugs have experienced a resurgence and frequently infest homes and businesses alike. This comeback is due to factors like more travel to spread them, untreated infestations, and a growing resistance to the insecticides that were used to exterminate bed bugs.

Besides their ability to develop a tolerance for chemicals, bed bugs are also able to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh living conditions – another reason for their ongoing survival. Unlike other pests, bed bugs rarely crawl into a home themselves. Instead, they attach themselves to objects and people inadvertently carry them in. Bed bugs most often are introduced to a property by hitchhiking on: 

  • Clothing
  • Luggage
  • Mattresses
  • Boxes
  • Furniture

Bed bugs, despite their name, aren’t only found in beds either. They can live anywhere they have semi-regular access to a host to bite and may inhabit furniture and rugs, or live inside walls and vents and come out to feed. There have even been cases of bed bugs infesting cars. Adaptable and resilient, these pests find a food source in almost any place they end up. When food is scarce, they can sometimes go for a year without eating.

This makes professional bed bug extermination the only sure way to get rid of bed bugs in Roseville and the surrounding areas. Trying to wash them out of sheets, sweep them up, or starve them may temporarily reduce their numbers, but they will almost always come back. Only with bed bug control can you be confident that they are completely eliminated. 

Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home

Unless your bed bug infestation is extensive, it will be rare to see an insect crawling across your mattress or floors. Part of this is because of their size – they are small, flat, and able to hide in cracks almost too small to the naked eye. They are also nocturnal and know how to sense when someone is sleeping, which means that they never need to travel. When they infest a home, most of their activity will happen after you are asleep.

You are more likely to notice signs bed bugs leave behind. These include: 

  • Bites – Bed bug bites show up as red bumps that often cause some itching. They can look like mosquito bites but are more likely to feed in group, and can be on your chest, arms, and neck – unlike mosquito bites that tend to be found on legs and arms.
  • Dead Bugs – Spotting little brown bugs underneath your mattress and headboard is a sure sign that there are living bugs nearby that need to be exterminated.
  • Discarded Skins – Bed bugs shed their skins as they age, leaving the fragile discarded skins behind. The skins often collect under beds or against baseboards in a room.
  • Droppings – Bed bug droppings can collect in the folds of sheets and pillowcases and the creases of a mattress. The droppings will look like a cluster of tiny spots that can be red when fresh or brown to black when dried.
  • Stains – A bed bug that is squashed after it has fed will leave a blood stain on sheets or a mattress. These often show up as small brownish or rust colored dots.

An established bed bug infestation – one that has been in place for months – will start to produce a musty odor that you can smell throughout the property. If the smell is what first makes you suspect bed bugs, we will need to take aggressive action to get the infestation under control and eliminated. 

Our Roseville Bed Bug Treatment Methods

We use modern, effective techniques to eliminate bed bugs with methods that are suitable for homes and infestations of any size. They are also designed to eliminate adult bed bugs and eggs that have been laid around your home to get rid of bed bugs completely.

During our visit, we will first start with an inspection to confirm bed bugs are the biting pest you are dealing with. We also want to find every place bed bugs are hiding so that we can eliminate all of them. The results of our inspection will help us make the right recommendations for treatment options that are specific to your property and the bed bug infestation.

Included in our options for bed bug treatment are insecticides and heat treatments. We apply insecticide treatments to the areas where bed bugs are hiding and these fast acting treatments kill the bugs instantly. Heat treatments use special fans to raise the temperature of a room above 130 degrees, higher than what a bed bug can stand.

Our residential bed bug control is competitively priced and can be used in homes with children and pets. We use only the treatment we need to, and if for any reason you still see signs of bed bugs after we’re done, we’ll come back, investigate, and fix any issues right away. 

Commercial Bed Bug Control

Businesses face a particular risk from bed bugs because of their more rapid turnover of visitors increasing the chance of an invasion. As an infestation can also significantly hurt your company’s reputation, removing bed bugs fast at the first sign is important.

We have bed bug solutions that work rapidly even when an infestation is aggressive or large scale at: 

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Retail Stores
  • Theaters, and More

Our business bed bug treatments are comprehensive to ensure they are effective, but we also keep them affordable so they won’t hurt your bottom line. 

Call ADAPT Pest Management to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

Whether you have seen a bed bug in your home or not, professional bed bug control is essential if you suspect an infestation. ADAPT Pest Management provides rapid bed bug control in Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, Lincoln, and many areas throughout Sacramento. Our bed bug control is guaranteed to remove these biting pests and get your home back. Call us at the first sign of bed bugs for a quote.

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