Pest Control Services

Roseville, Rocklin, and Throughout Placer and Sacramento County

Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services in Roseville, Rocklin, and Throughout Placer/Sacramento County

At ADAPT Pest Management, we offer the most modern, scientifically proven pest control solutions to our customers, while combining that with the friendly, neighborhood service that helps improve your sense of comfort and confidence with each visit. From routine seasonal care to treatments targeting a specific pest, we offer the most affordable and effective options available. Learn more about our services below, or call us at 916-755-6555 to discuss your specific pest challenges.

Pest Control Services and Solutions

Based in Roseville, ADAPT Pest Solutions offers the best possible pest control service and support throughout the region, with treatments that use the latest in technology and entomology (insect science) to eliminate, prevent, and remove all different types of pests. Some of our services include:

  • Ongoing Pest Control – Our most popular service, our ongoing and typically bi-monthly pest control offers ongoing visits to provide protection against pest invasions. These treatments address all common pests in the Greater Sacramento area like ants, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, spiders, earwigs, and more.
  • Humane Wildlife Management – Skilled and licensed in wildlife trapping and removal, we humanely capture nuisance animals that are causing problems on your property. We can also provide exclusion services, which seal off all entrance points, and are always happy to give prevention tips to help you avoid future animal invasions.
  • Rodent Removal and Exclusion – Our mice and rat removal can help you get rid of rodents fast. We can eliminate and keep them out at commercial and residential properties, and guarantee that they will stop coming back.
  • Bird Control – We can install bird deterrents and implement exclusion techniques to keep birds from nesting in your home and leaving unsightly, and potentially harmful, droppings on your property.
  • Bat Control – In accordance with local regulations and humane practices, we offer bat exclusion and prevention to keep colonies out of your walls and attic.
  • Mosquito Abatement – Mosquitoes can plague the Roseville and Sacramento area throughout much of the year. Our local mosquito treatments help you reclaim your yard or outdoor space and reduce the risks of bites and mosquito borne illnesses.
  • Fly Control – Flies are both annoying and harbingers of diseases. We locate the source of the infestation before removing and preventing a return.

Have another pest issue? Call us at 916-755-6555 to learn more about what we offer, which pests we eliminate, our affordable pest control prices, and how our services can help manage insects and wildlife at your home or business. We provide solutions for most types of wildlife and pests, and are able to schedule appointments right away to ensure you get the help you need.