Mosquito Treatment in Roseville, Rocklin, and Beyond
Get Rid of Mosquitoes Fast with ADAPT Pest Management

Warm evenings during the spring through fall months in Placer County are perfect for sitting outside, BBQing, an outdoor concert, or enjoying your pool. Unfortunately, the warm evenings that are so pleasant for us are also ideal for mosquitoes, which seem to be everywhere between May and October. Any time in your backyard or at your outdoor business can leave you with bites the next day, along with a risk of disease.

ADAPT Pest Management uses modern tools in the fight against mosquitoes at home, apartments, businesses, and other private properties. Our affordable mosquito control in Roseville and the surrounding areas gives you a chance to spend time outside without worrying about mosquito bites or viruses, all within your budget. Learn about our mosquito abatement services or schedule a mosquito treatment in the Greater Sacramento area by calling us at 916-755-6555

Why Mosquitoes Are a Problem in Northern California

For most of us, the itchy bump that results from mosquito bite is enough reason for us to dislike these pests. The bites can itch considerably, and in some cases last for over a week or more before the itching stops, ruining your time outdoors. But mosquitoes are also a vector of disease, and – while thankfully rare – these bites can transmit several diseases from animals to humans, sometimes with debilitating or fatal consequences. Here in California, we have mosquito species capable of spreading diseases that include: 

  • West Nile Virus
  • Dengue Fever
  • Malaria
  • Chikungunya
  • Zika Virus
  • Canine Heartworm

In recent years, California has the highest number of mosquito transmitted diseases in the nation, indicating that mosquitoes continue to be a risk.

Mosquito season in the Sacramento area begins in May, although mosquitoes can be present earlier if warm weather comes in late winter or spring. The warm weather is when mosquitoes begin laying eggs on the surface of standing water. Local mosquito species will often choose to lay in the water that collects around yards after rain or from sprinklers.

The mosquito larvae spend their first week or so maturing in the water before transforming into adults and beginning to breed themselves. This rapid lifecycle, and the female’s ability to lay over 100 eggs every two to three days, mean that the population expands rapidly during the summer months. Before mosquito activity ends in late fall, a single yard can be home to hundreds to thousands of mosquitoes if left unchecked, turning your property into a bite minefield every time you go outside. 

Integrated Mosquito Management

We effectively handle mosquitoes through a comprehensive process that encompasses treatment and prevention. It also considers mosquitoes at every life stage, not just the biting adults. Unlike other pests, mosquitoes aren’t an infestation that can be eliminated in a single treatment or two. Mosquito control requires ongoing attention and support to keep them away from your property.

ADAPT Pest Management is your partner in mosquito abatement in Roseville, Sacramento, Rocklin, and more. Throughout mosquito season, we keep properties clear of biting pests with a procedure to: 

  • Identify Risks – In our initial inspection, we search for containers where standing water might collect such as trash, clogged gutters, pots and birdbaths, ponds, and more. We also locate the areas of vegetation where adult mosquitoes hide. Finally, we determine if mosquitoes are coming in from an adjacent property.
  • Remove Breeding and Resting Areas – We work with you to remove any water or resting places for mosquitoes so that your yard is less appealing to mosquitoes looking to breed.
  • Treat Mosquitoes – We use safe, longer lasting insecticides to eliminate adult insects. We have extensive experience treating mosquitoes in the areas they are most likely to congregate.
  • Provide Prevention Tips – Mosquito treatments fade over time and with weather. To help keep them away in between your mosquito control visits, we supply a report with tips for steps you can take to deter them from entering your yard.

We can come only once, or we can apply mosquito treatments regularly, usually once a month, to keep their strength constantly working against the pests while prevention methods help reduce numbers between treatments. Our mosquito solutions are derived from natural ingredients and are safe so that your family or your customers can continue to enjoy outdoor spaces.

The quickest way to manage mosquitoes during the year is to let ADAPT Pest Management bring our effective and affordable mosquito treatment process to your yard. Our regular mosquito control service eliminates mosquitoes, no matter how aggressive they are around your property, to keep you and your family safe and comfortable all year. Get started by calling us today.

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