Pest Control in Auburn, CA
Adapt Pest Management Provides Ongoing Auburn Pest Control
Starting at $79 for Bi-Monthly Service, With Solutions for All Different Types of Pests.
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Adapt Pest Management Provides Affordable, High Quality Auburn, CA Pest Control, with Solutions For Spiders, Ants, Roaches, Rats, Mice, Bed Bugs, and More

Auburn has seen somewhat of a renaissance in recent years as this gold rush town is starting to draw more businesses and visitors. But for those who call Auburn home, there is always the chance of the same problems with pests that every home and business in Placer Country faces.

Pests are an ongoing problem and can infest a property at almost any time of the year. ADAPT Pest Management takes a proactive approach to dealing with these pests. Rather than wait for bugs to invade, we use preventative pest control in Auburn. We visit your property bi-monthly to inspect and create a pest-proof barrier.

ADAPT Pest Management is committed to affordable pricing with costs starting at $79 per visit for 2000 square feet. Our ongoing pest control will effectively keep all of the common bugs in the area out of your home. Friendly, professional, and highly trained, we can guarantee continuous protection from pests, no matter what problems you’ve had in the past. Call us today at 916-755-6555.

Bi-Monthly Pest Control for Guaranteed Pest Protection

There are endless factors that can impact pest behavior – weather patterns, nearby construction, and alterations around your property – and might result in an infestation. This means that pest control is not a one time solution. Rather it’s an ongoing process to keep out ants, roaches, fleas, spiders, silverfish, and more. 

We use bi-monthly pest control to continually keep out bugs. Our process works like this:

  • Inspect Your Property
  • Eliminate Pests
  • Create a Protective Barrier
  • Report Any Pest Issues

No matter how many times we have been to your home, we complete a full inspection on each visit to monitor pests and note any changes. This guides the treatment plan we use, targeting the relevant pests and areas. Unlike sweeping insecticide treatments, this strategy is more effective, more affordable, and better for your home.

We come to your home or business every two months. With the high quality treatments we use, pest protection will easily last from visit to visit, giving you several weeks of peace of mind and cost savings. But we also maintain this schedule so we notice as soon as possible if pests have invaded unexpectedly.

Rodent Control and Wildlife Removal in Auburn

Auburn’s location in the foothills means many properties have more land. But less development means more animals with so much space for them to roam, and there is a chance of them coming inside, especially if food is scarce out in nature or the weather changes.

Even homes and businesses in the heart of Auburn can face problems with wildlife that have come to rely on kitchens and trash cans to provide the food they need.

The nuisance wildlife you are most likely to find inside your home or on your property in Auburn includes:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Birds
  • Bats
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons, and More

Animals that come inside to nest in attics, walls, or cabinets need to be removed quickly. We use professional, humane techniques to safely take the animal out of your home or business with methods that correspond to the type of animal.

We also offer deterrent installation and exclusion to keep animals out for good. Both our removal and prevention solutions make it possible to prevent damage from wildlife and reduce the spread of the bacteria or viruses they can introduce.

Set Up Ongoing Pest Control in Auburn Today – Call ADAPT Pest Management

At ADAPT Pest Management, we are area locals to the Rocklin and Roseville area and know exactly what problems pests and wildlife can cause. We also know which times of year your home is most susceptible and what treatments to use to stop a pest invasion before it starts.

Our services are performed or supervised by the owner so you can always trust the quality and attention of each treatment we provide. You can also trust that our services will be upbeat and informative. In the end, we want to provide not just the best pest control, but the best service too. Call us today to take advantage of our starting $79 rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m Not Sure What Bug I Have – Can You Help? 

A: Certainly. If you have noticed any signs of pests, we can identify what that pest is and have the best method for getting rid of it. Simply call us when you begin to notice those signs.

Q: Can I Prevent Bugs on My Own?

A: There are actions you can take to help manage bugs, but the truth is that there are so many pests and many of the signs are not obvious. Working with a professional like our team at ADAPT is a guaranteed way to prevent bugs.

Q: What is the Price of Auburn Pest Control?

A: ADAPT Pest Management specializes in dependable yet affordable pest control with prices starting at only $79 for properties up to 2000 square feet for our bi-monthly pest control. We also have additional services like wildlife removal or extermination for a specific pest available at great prices.

Q: Is Your Pest Control Guaranteed?

A: Yes, if you have noticed any pest problems between visits or after pest extermination, we are always able to provide follow up services.

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