Why This is One of the Worst Pest Seasons in a While

You’ve probably noticed that your home has pests. Spiders and cockroaches, especially, have been invading in large numbers all throughout the Greater Sacramento region. So far, this has been one of the worst pest seasons we’ve had in quite a while, and that is likely to continue over at least the next few months.

Several factors are responsible for this increase in pest invasions, and many of them are unlikely to change soon. Some of the reasons that we’re seeing this boost in pest activity include:

  • Rainy Winter – The past winter once again brought unusually heavy rainfall, much like last year, leading to saturated soil and standing water around many homes. This moisture has made it easier for pests to survive, something that was more difficult in the not so distant past during the droughts.
  • Relatively Cool Weather Until Recently – Similarly, while we’re currently in the middle of a massive heat wave, the heat is starting later than it has in the past few years. We had a fairly mild may and even some rain in April, both of which are unusual for the region.
  • Excess Greenery – Similarly, with the rainy winter and cooler spring, plant life has flourished, providing abundant food and shelter for pests. While the greenery itself might not be directly related to indoor pests, the increase in outdoor insect populations drives predators and other pests indoors in search of food and shelter. Overgrown vegetation near homes can serve as a bridge for pests like ants, spiders, and cockroaches to enter your living spaces.

These issues already make it more likely that we were going to see pest activity, but then came the heat. Most pests prefer to seek shelter from heat, which means that the hotter weather has caused many of these pests to seek refuge indoors.

Spring and summer are already peak seasons for pest activity. These seasons coincide with the breeding cycles of many pests, leading to natural population increases. This year, the combination of a rainy winter, prolonged cool weather, and lush vegetation has exacerbated this trend, resulting in an unusually high number of pests seeking refuge indoors as they reproduce and expand their territories.

Impact on Homes

The increased pest activity this season poses significant challenges for homeowners, particularly with pests known for invading indoor spaces:

  • Cockroaches – Thrive in warm, moist environments and can be particularly problematic when outdoor conditions drive them inside.
  • Spiders – Seek shelter in homes to escape harsh outdoor conditions and to find prey attracted by other indoor pests.
  • Ants – Often move indoors in search of food and water, especially when their outdoor environments become less hospitable.
  • Rodents – While not insects, rodents also find their way indoors more frequently during such conditions, bringing additional pest problems.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this has been a large number of our calls, as people notice that there are a lot of roaches and related bugs trying to make their way indoors.

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