Pest Control Sacramento: What to Know About Pest Control When It’s Cold and Raining

It is pouring rain at the time of this writing. Temperatures in the Sacramento and Roseville area have dropped to under 50 degrees. During the warmer summer months, we often saw spiders, earwigs, and other bugs sneaking in through cracks in our homes and running along our walls and floors. In this type of cold, rainy weather, those pests experiences are less common.

But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be pest free. In fact, this type of weather is when you need to pay more attention to other types of pests – some of which may be affecting your home in ways you can’t see.

Pests in the Cold/Rainy Season

During hotter summers, all pests have a tendency to try to come indoors in search of water, food, or safety of the hot sun. Many of those pests are now gone, either passing away, migrating, or overwintering (like hibernating).

But many others do not. That is especially true of:

  • Rats and Rodents – Rats are going to be the main pest that may affect your property during this type of weather. Rats and mice do not hibernate. That means that they need to find shelter from the heavy rains and cold. If your property has entrance points, rats may enter your property for their safety and stay indoors for as long as they need to. Learn more about our wildlife control in Rocklin and Roseville.
  • Spiders – Spiders are unique among the pests. They do not hibernate. They also do not mind the cold, although they try to stay indoors to keep themselves safe. Spiders are still very likely to come into your home, because they’re actually looking for hibernating pests that they can feed upon with ease. This is especially true for spiders like house spiders, that are hunters.
  • Cockroaches – Cockroaches may sometimes enter a hibernation like state, known as “diapause,” but they are not truly asleep. They also do not like cold temperatures. So many cockroaches use winter to find dark, secret areas of human dwellings in order to keep themselves warmer and find safety from the harsh winter weather.
  • Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are especially common in winter, not because they particularly care about cold weather (they are not affected by most weather patterns, because they live indoors), but because a lot of people travel in winter and they are more likely to spread. These are pests you may be bringing back into your home yourself.

It’s possible to see other wildlife and pests as well, like Raccoons and the occasional fly. But most of the time, these are the pests that you are most likely to see in your home when it’s raining or cold in the Sacramento area like it is today.

One thing that you may notice about these types of pests – with the exception of spiders – is that all of these pests are notorious hiders. They can live in your property for months or years without you knowing they are there if you do not pay attention to the signs. You may also find them in places you do not visit as often during the winter, such as your crawl space.

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