Common Springtime Pests in Northern California

Spring is approaching and in places like Roseville where warm weather often seems to come early, we can likely expect a resurgence of springtime pests as early as next month. Many of the pests that were dormant throughout winter will become active once more and resume breeding and searching for food. 

As populations grow and pests become more active, the springtime bugs and wildlife are likely to cause problems at local homes. These are the pests you should look out for early signs that bugs or wildlife may be present in your home or backyard. 

Pest Problems and Signs of Spring Bugs and Wildlife 

When weather gets warmer, the majority of pests will become more active and the number of infestations in the local area often skyrockets. Homeowners will typically notice more bugs outside and inside their home. At the same time, you will likely still be dealing with common winter pests such as rodents and cockroaches.

For this reason, it is important to stay aware of any pest activity in your home so you can act quickly if you notice a problem. Local species of pests that are most likely to cause problems during spring are:

  • Odorous House Ants – Many species of ants will become more active as temperatures get warmer, but the odorous house is often the largest nuisance This is because these ants release a terrible smell if you squash one, making getting rid of ants a particular challenge. Odorous house ants can form colonies of up to 10,000 ants and feed on sweets and fats they find in your kitchen. Because ants in a colony are so numerous, professional ant control in Roseville is often the only guaranteed way to get rid of ants.
  • Wasps- In our area, we deal with paper wasps during springtime. Paper wasps queens emerge from their winter overwintering spots and begin looking for places to build nests. In their search, they are highly active. Many will build their nests in the eaves of homes or among trees in yards. Paper wasps are not aggressive usually, but they will attack if they feel their nest is threatened, which is a particular problem in the spring since you will likely be unaware that a new nest has formed. A wasp sting will be painful and can also be dangerous if someone on your property is allergic.
  • Bats – Some local bat species hibernate throughout the winter while others fly south. During spring, bats will again become active in our area. Many will live in the attics and walls of local homes where they cause various illnesses and property damage. Spring is also the time at which a bat control company can begin bat exclusion since the process relies on bats being active and regularly leaving their nest each evening.

If you notice signs of any of these pests, it is a good idea to seek immediate pest control treatments to remove them before their numbers can get worse. But because we know these pests are about to become more active, it can also be helpful to take preventative measures against pests now with bi-monthly pest control from Adapt Pest Management. Our pest control can get rid of ants, stinging insects, roaches, spiders, and all the other bugs and wildlife that occur in spring and all year round in Roseville. Reach out to our team this spring for help with any pest problems at your property.

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