What’s Going to Happen with this Heat?

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been hot. Throughout Rocklin, Roseville, and most of California, there has been this long, ongoing heat of at least 100 degrees, and chances are we’re in for more of these days not only this year, but in the years to come.

Heat has an interesting effect on local insects and wildlife, and it’s something you might want to prepare for depending on what summers are like over the next long while.

Cold Blooded Insects

Insects are cold-blooded, which means that heat barely phases them. In fact, since hot summers can have an effect on birds and other animals, insects can actually thrive in hot summers, as they can breed and spread uninterrupted. The vast majority of insects also become more interested in breeding when it’s hot, so not only are there fewer predators but there are more pests being created.

However, even though they are excellent in the heat, that doesn’t mean that they enjoy it. So many insects will also try to find their way indoors to get some shelter from the sun. That means that there are likely to be more pests outside, and more pests inside.

Some insects also like the heat more than others. Mosquitoes love heat. Bees do not. That’s why you also tend to see an increase in the number of unwanted pests during especially hot summers, as many of the most dangerous or problematic insects are more heat tolerant.

Water, Food, and Droughts

While heat itself is good for pests, drought is not. During a drought, there is less water for them to drink and fewer healthy plants for them to feed on.

That can be good, in the sense that it is possible that it can help control the population. But what also tends to happen is that pests will be more likely to seek out residential properties in search for water to survive. So droughts, as well, can increase the population of pests inside of your home.

Protection from Insects in the Heat

During hot days, like those we’ve been experiencing in Roseville and the rest of the Sacramento area, you’re probably spending more time in your home. That’s why it’s good to make sure that you’re pest free. Give ADAPT Pest a call today to learn more about our pest control services in Roseville, Rocklin, and the surrounding area, and we’ll provide you with a free quote for ongoing and effective pest control all summer – and beyond.

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