What Pests Love the Heat?

It’s hot today. Roseville and Rocklin are at 105 degrees. Sacramento is a bit cooler, tapping out at 101. It is hot enough that most of us are stuck indoors, trying our best to keep cool and avoid some of the oppressive heat that we’re dealing with here in Northern California.

Any time you spend an extensive amount of time inside, it’s common to start noticing pests more. But is it because pests prefer the heat, or is something else at play?

Some Pests Love Heat

There are some pests that love this hot California weather. House flies breed much faster in hot weather, which means that – if you already have flies on your property – you may notice that there are more of them than normal and they are hard to get away. Lizards, though not technically a pest, also enjoy the heat, and you may be finding more and more lizards crawling into your garage and other areas of your property if you leave your doors open too much.

Some Pests Don’t – And That Can Be Worse for You

Most pests do not like the heat. Heat means there is less moisture, which can dry them out or cause them to overheat. Insects also maintain a fairly delicate ecosystem, so if one pest struggles, other pests soon follow.

That may seem like a good thing for your property, but it typically has the opposite effect. With no water and too much heat outdoors, insects and spiders seek out cooler areas and shelter. That makes your air conditioned home with its wealth of dark hiding spots and moisture the ideal place for them to survive.

If you’ve noticed more pests than normal on your property of late, it’s time to talk about pest control. Contact Adapt Pest Management today to learn more.

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