What Winter Pests Mean

It’s been colder and it’s been raining, which means that you’re likely spending more time indoors again. Common household pests may also spend time in your home as they try to seek shelter from the freeze. If you’re seeing more pests than normal, it may be because they are looking for a warmer, safer area.

But this increase in pests may also mean something more.

In the spring and summer, pests can get indoors through open windows, or on your shoes, or because you left a door open for too long. Pests also breed more frequently in the warmer months, which means that it is not uncommon for more to find their way onto your property. It’s a sign that you likely need ongoing pest control, but not all pests on your property “mean” something more.

But in winter, when there are fewer active pests, fewer open windows, and fewer trips outside, pests on your property are almost always an indication that there are entranceways that are easily accessible for these different insects and rodents. That means that the more pests you see, the more it means something – it means that you have leaks and holes and other entrance points that pests will continue to go through without help.

Winter pests are a sign that you absolutely need ongoing pest control – and that you may want to consider a full pest inspection to help spot any problem areas and see if there are ways to prevent more pests from entering.

If you’re in the Greater Sacramento area and would like help with winter pests, give ADAPT Pest a call today and let’s find a way to protect your property from pests in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Call today to learn more.

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