Mistakes You May Be Making with DIY Ant Control

For all the different pests that can invade a property, ants often seem to be one of the less worrisome insects. Most of them are harmless, do not bite, and do not spread disease. As a result, many people choose to ignore ants or treat ants themselves rather than call a local pest control company in Northern California.

With dozens of different ant treatments available at your local hardware store, it can seem easy to get rid of ants on your own. However, most DIY ant control methods are not effective when it comes to removing ant infestations in Rocklin, Roseville, and beyond. In some cases, DIY methods can even do more harm than good and make a localized problem worse. Find out which common mistakes might be setting your ant control back and what methods to use instead.

3 Challenges with DIY Ant Control

The range of treatments available at stores in Northern California make it seem like you have dozens of options for getting rid of ants, but most of these treatments are not going to be as effective as the manufacturers suggest. Ant species in CITY like the odorous house ant and pavement ants often survive DIY ant control using store-bought treatments because:

  • Baits are Incorrectly Used – Ant baits can be effective treatment and are generally one of the main methods pest control companies use. But when we use ant bait at ADAPT, we focus on using the right bait for this specific time of year and the right placement. Ant behavior changes from summer to winter and store-bought baits are not going to be effective in winter when local ant species are not usually foraging new trails for food.
  • Aerosol Sprays are Ineffective – Various ant sprays are useful for killing ants on contact. But before you go throughout your house spraying any ants you can see, there are some drawbacks. With odorous house ants for example, the colony will perceive the pesticide in the air as a threat and split up into multiple colonies,leaving you with up to four to five scattered ant colonies around your yard. Sprays are also non residual so they offer no preventative benefits to keep ants from coming back in.
  • Homeowners Underestimate Ants – Ants are extremely adaptable and although they are harmless, their numbers and ability to adjust makes them a challenge. If you treat one room with store-bought insecticides or extensively clean the area where ants are finding their food, they can relocate their colony. This is particularly true in the winter when ants will continually change the location in order to find a warm and sheltered space within your home.

People who try to treat ant infestations on their own often find that they spend more time and money on store-bought methods than they would have if they had called an exterminator in the beginning. ADAPT Pest Management provides control in the Greater Roseville and Sacramento area with methods that are customized to your home, type of infestation, season, and other factors that can impact the ability to get rid of ants. We make it possible to exterminate ants when you need reliable ant extermination. Contact our team to find out more.

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