Heatwaves and Pest Management

We continue to see yet another heatwave here in the Sacramento area, and once again it looks like it’s going to be an absolute scorcher.

One of the ways we can tell that there is likely to be a very busy pest season is the amount of rain we see during the winter months. The more water and moisture there is, the easier it will be for pests to find the nourishment they need to grow, breed, and survive.

That’s what tells us a little more about what pests will be like throughout the year. But we can also learn a little from heat.

What Heat Tells Us

Heat is bad for most pests. It makes them more likely to dry out and die. But **during** heat waves, heat is especially bad for homeowners. Pests, in an effort to survive, will frequently try to find their way inside of homes. Many times, pests find their way inside of your property by accident. But during heat waves, the pests are trying to find their way inside for their survival. That means, that while heat is worse for pests overall, it is still a problem for homeowners as these pests do whatever they can to make their way inside of your property.

What makes this worse is that, during heat waves, we all spend more time inside. So not only are there typically more pests, but we also are more likely to notice them. Even with ongoing pest control, you’re more likely to see the pests because it takes a while before they are exterminated after coming into contact with the treatments.

Keep Your Property Protected

Every property in Sacramento and Placer County needs pest control. These heat waves will continue to drive pests inside, and make it so important for you to protect your property as best you can before a small infestation becomes a much more problematic one. Learn more about pest control with Adapt Pest Management, today.

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