Flies in Your Sacramento Restaurant: What Can You Do?

We see flies around us on a daily basis. Most of the time, we do not think about them. Sometimes, we find them to be annoying or irritating. But, for restaurants across Roseville, Rocklin, Sacramento, and more, flies in your restaurant can be even more problematic.

Because we live in a new economic environment where everyone looks at reviews before they decide what to eat or where to go, flies can lead to bad reviews, food poisoning, and other issues that are going to affect the customer experience in ways that may be difficult to take back. That is why it is so important to do whatever you can to prevent flies at your restaurant.

How to Protect Your Restaurant From Flies

Flies cannot be entirely prevented. If you leave the door open, for example, flies may still come in no matter what types of prevention you use. But there are several strategies you can try to protect your property from pests.

  • Pest Control – As a pest control company in Roseville, it’s important that we first emphasize that pest control remains the best way to protect yourself from flies. Pest control cannot prevent flies from entering in through an open door or window, but it can eliminate any flies that land inside and prevent them from breeding. It can also address some trouble spots for flies outside.
  • Eliminate Trash and Waste – Try your best to clean up after any spills, fully seal your trash, and bus tables quickly. Flies are less likely to come inside when they sense less food for them, so the more you’re able to clean up, the less likely flies will be present.
  • Kill Flies Nightly – Treat flies like they’re an urgent problem. When the restaurant is closed, make sure that someone is looking for flies and eliminating them so that they cannot breed inside of your property.  
  • Close Windows and Doors – The fewer openings there are available, the less likely you’ll have flies. So make sure that you’re opening windows and doors as little as possible, and try not to prop them open.

All pests are a problem in restaurants, although flies are easily one of the most common. Protect your business and your business by calling a pest control team for your restaurant, today.

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