Common Mistakes with Mice in Sacramento

Mice are everywhere. Though rats are the pests we typically notice, mice frequently make their way indoors and love to set up nests with they quickly breed and spread throughout a home. Mice also spread disease just like rats do, and while they may be “cuter” to some people, they are also less intelligent, which means that you’re more likely to accidentally run into one or find them contaminating your home.

If you already have a problem with mice in the Greater Sacramento area, call Adapt Pest Management today to get rid of them. But, in the interim, make sure you’re avoiding some of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to their mouse infestations.

Mistakes Homeowners Make With Mice

It’s one thing to have mice. But you may find that yourself running into more problems if you make several common mistakes that people make with their mouse control, including:

  • Delays – If you suspect mice, you should treat for it. There are two reasons for this. First, mice breed fast, so if you do not get mouse removal soon, you may have more mice and an even greater problem. Second, if mice are able to get into your home once, more mice, rats, and pests are certain to follow.
  • Failing to Clean – Cleaning your property often and removing clutter is critical for addressing a mouse infestation. Mice can carry disease, they like to live in dirty or cluttered spaces, and they have an easier time breeding if they have access to food and water spread throughout a dirty property.
  • Traps Only – Traps are a useful way to eliminate individual mice, but they do not solve the problem of mouse control. You have to make sure that you find and eliminate the entrance points pests made to get into your property on the first place, or more mice will come back.

Finally, a common mistake many homeowners make is trying to get rid of mice on their own. Instead, call Adapt Pest Management today. We can come to properties in Rocklin, Roseville, Auburn, Granite Bay, and throughout the nearby regions to help get rid of mice – and any other pests – quickly and safely, with no need to handle them yourself.

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