What to Expect from Professional Cockroach Control

Cockroaches at home or business are not only “Gross.” They are also a cause for disease, allergies, and food contamination. All of these factors make it important to get rid of cockroaches as quickly as possible with the most effective pest control from a professional exterminator. 

Since having a roach infestation in the Sacramento area can be a stressful experience, knowing what to expect in terms of a timeline and safety from professional roach control can give you reassurance during the process.

How Pest Control Companies Handle Cockroach Control 

Property owners generally call a pest control company after they have noticed signs of cockroaches or seen the bugs themselves. It is best to call a professional for this job rather than attempt DIY treatment since roaches are notoriously resilient. It takes the correct methods and skills to effectively get rid of them. 

A past professional will be able to do this with an in depth process that involves:

  • Inspection – Roaches are great hiders and a pest control professional will need to find where they are hiding first. Any information you can provide about what you have seen so far will be helpful. In general, the pest professional will likely also inspect your kitchen, looking around ovens, refrigerators, and other appliances. Other common areas for inspection include bathrooms and utility rooms where roaches are drawn to heat and moisture.
  • Establish the Size of the Infestation – The inspection may reveal how large and widespread a cockroach infestation is. The pest professional may also use glue traps. While these can also get rid of cockroaches, glue traps are helpful for giving the pest professional an idea of how many cockroaches are on your property to guide their treatment.
  • Apply Cockroach Treatments – In addition to glue traps, pest control companies often use baits, dust, and sprays to treat cockroaches. The company will set baits and leave them to give roaches time to consume the bait and kill off the infestation. Dusts, such as boric acid or diatomaceous earth, can be put into hard to reach areas. Sprays are helpful for outdoor infestations and around potential entry points. 

A pest control company will go over any safety concerns with you regarding treatment. In general, you should leave baits alone while they are working and keep any children and pets away from them. Areas that have been sprayed also need to be avoided until the treatment has dried.

There will also be a timeline for when you can expect roaches to be gone. The initial treatment often only takes an hour or two, but baits can take several weeks to reach the entire colony. For large scale German cockroach infestations, they may even take a month or more, all depending on the number of roaches and their activity. During this time, you are likely to see dead roaches, which means baits are working.

Finally your cockroach pest controller will also let you know if there are any steps you need to take yourself, such as keeping areas of your home clean or repairing leaks , to augment pest treatments. 

Pest control from ADAPT Pest strives to make cockroach control in Northern California as quick and stress free as possible for local homeowners and business owners. If you are dealing with cockroaches, contact us today to get started with effective roach control.

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