When Can You Expect Pests to be Gone After Pest Treatment

From the moment you see bugs inside your home, you are likely counting down the minutes until they are gone. Working with a pest control company in Rocklin is the fastest way to get rid of pests, but most pest control still does not provide instant results.

There is the initial time in which the pest control technician will locate pests and apply the treatment. Then depending on the pest, additional time will be needed for treatments to take effect. Due to the many factors involved, the results of pest control can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. Knowing what timeline to expect from your pest control treatment can help give you peace of mind during the process and understand at what point you should contact your pest control company for additional treatments. 

Approximate Timelines for Different Types of Pest Control

There are many different methods pest control companies will use to get rid of different pests. Chemical pest treatments, temperature-based treatments, and habitat adjustments may be used individually or together and all will have different timelines.

Additionally, some treatments for insects like mosquitoes or cockroaches are designed to target adult insects, but will have limited effect against eggs and larvae. These treatments can require insects to move through the various life stages before the entire infestation is eliminated. 

Your goal will also change the timeline for pest control. If you currently have an infestation and your goal is to get rid of it, the treatment timeline will depend on how large the infestation was, how spread out, and whether or not you are taking any actions recommended by your pest control company to keep the treatment effective over the coming days or weeks. 

If your goal is prevention treatments, these are often effective almost immediately and remain so as long as you follow your pest professional’s guidelines.

For pest extermination, here are some of the timelines you can expect for various treatments:

  • Baits – Placing baits is a method many pest control companies rely on to get rid of bugs. The bait contains a food like substance that individual insects will take back to their nest where the toxin in the bait will kill the entire colony. These will often start to work within 2 days, but can take anywhere from one week to several months to completely wipe out the colony. If there are other food sources present for bugs, you can expect extermination to take longer so it is important to keep your home clean during the course of treatment.
  • Insect Sprays – A pest professional may use interior or exterior sprays around your home. These initially work on contact and will continue to deter additional insects that may try to enter your home. It takes a pest technician about 15 to 30 minutes to apply these and they will continue to work for about 2 months.
  • Heat Treatments – Heat treatments are a preferred pest control method for bedbugs, termites, and occasionally large scale infestations. They work by using fans to increase the temperature of a room past what pests can endure. Generally the treatment itself takes about four hours depending on the size of the area to be heated. Once heat treatment is completed, pests will all be dead.

Your pest control company may recommend multiple treatments in order to monitor the progress of treatments and keep baits and sprays refreshed so they remain effective throughout the process. A pest control company will also be able to inform you about any specific timelines related to your situation, giving you a better idea of what to expect when it comes to pest extermination at your property in Rocklin. For efficient and fast working pest control in Rocklin, contact ADAPT Pest Management to start removing pests as soon as possible.

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