Allergy Season is Pest Season

It’s allergy season. You can tell it’s allergy season by all the sneezing, red eyes, and itching. But allergy season also means that it’s pest season. The blooming flowers, still not-yet-too-hot weather, and sunny skies means that pests are coming out of hiding and starting to breed, spread, and feed.

Pests can also cause allergies. Pests like cockroaches have oils and skin fragments that are frequent allergy triggers, and can be a more serious problem for those with issues like asthma.

If you’re struggling with pests or allergies, it’s time to rethink your approach to pest control.

Professional Pest Control – Better than DIY

All properties throughout areas like Sacramento, Rocklin, and Roseville, California need pest control. We have a lot of pests here, and – even in new homes that are well sealed – these pests are always going to find a way in.

But that is especially important during allergy season, when any additional allergy trigger – like pests – can mean more runny noses, more sneezing, and more struggles.

Pest control requires solutions that are long lasting. They require a knowledge of entrance points, and a way to spot when there may be pests that are not easily visible to the eye. That’s what makes our team here at ADAPT Pest the right choice. We have years of experience in pest control, and know how to identify and address pests before they become a problem. Learn more about our services by contacting ADAPT Pest today.

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