School’s Back in Session – Keep Bugs Under Control at School in the Roseville Area

Now that we are several weeks back into the school year, kids, teachers, and parents have gotten back into the routine. But the beginning of the school year coincides with the end of pest season here in Roseville. The last few weeks of warm weather means pests are still active outdoors. Pests that often come indoors can interrupt classrooms.

Many pests can sting and bite. Some can be extremely dangerous if they cause an allergic reaction or transmit disease. Even if they are harmless, bugs are sure to be distracting. These are the riskier bugs for schools in Roseville and how you can make sure they are not a problem on your campus.

How to Keep Kids Safe from School Yard Pests

Schools can be attractive spots for bugs. Cafeterias, lunch boxes, trash cans, and snacks create lots of little food sources all over campus. Students coming and going with backpacks and books can accidentally bring bugs into the classroom, or take them home. Some of the pests often found on school grounds include:

  • Bed Bugs – These biting bugs are hitchhikers that can travel around on clothing and backpacks. They can also live in classrooms and bite when people are present. Their bites cause itchy bumps.
  • Ants – All the crumbs around schools can be attractive for ants. These pests are not usually harmful, but they can number in the thousands and be impossible to get rid of unless you find the colony.
  • Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes lead to annoying bites, and species that are active in the daytime can be a problem in outdoor areas on campus. In rare cases, mosquitoes in our area can transmit diseases through their bites.
  • Bees and Wasps – A bee or wasp nest anywhere near your campus can put students at risk. Their stings are painful, but can cause a severe allergic reaction in certain individuals.

Sometimes pests in classrooms or on the playground turn into an infestation that cannot be stopped with cleaning and maintenance. If this happens at your school campus in Roseville, pest control from ADAPT Pest Management can effectively remove pests and keep students, teachers, and staff safe and ready to learn. Call ADAPT today to find out more about our school pest control services.

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