Avoiding Pests While Camping

There are a few more weeks of camping season left in the wilderness near Northern California. If you are planning to pitch a tent and make the most of it, you are likely going to see a few bugs. You are spending time outside, after all. But too many mosquitoes, flies, stinging insects, ants, and ticks around your campsite can ruin your trip, and even cause injury.

While our pest control services at ADAPT Pest Management focus on your actual home, we can also provide some helpful tips to keep your home away from home pest free while you are enjoying the wilderness.

How to Keep Pests Away from Your Campsite

A little bit of planning can keep insects around your campsite from ruining the peace of a weekend. To avoid feeling like you are battling bugs the whole trip:

  • Pack the Right Items – Perfumed lotions, heavily scented soaps, and other items with a strong odor can attract pests (as well as bears, raccoons, and rodents if they are around). Embrace the smell of the woods for a few days and leave perfumed items at home.
  • Choose Your Campsite Wisely – Pitch your tent or park your RV away from standing water and vegetation. Both of these can harbor pests and being too close can put you in the thick of bug swarms.
  • Store Food Correctly – Keep your food and drinks in airtight containers. Cold foods should go into coolers with plenty of ice, and get rid of anything that has spoiled, since the strong odors can attract bugs. After you eat, wash dishes promptly and dispose of trash in sealed bags.
  • Close Your Tent – Zip your tent screen completely closed at all times to prevent bugs from getting inside and bothering you while you are trying to sleep. You should also check your tent for any holes before you head out.
  • Protect Yourself – Cover up with long pants, long sleeves, and hats while you are hanging around the campground or out on the lake to leave less skin available for bites. A bug spray with DEET will also keep bugs from biting.

Although you may not mind seeing a few bugs while camping, they can quickly become a problem in your backyard or inside your home. If that happens, call our team at ADAPT Pest Management to get rid of pests in Roseville and Rocklin.

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