How Often Should You Get Pest Control

Pest control is not a one time fix. After a pest control company in Roseville applies pest treatment at your home, either to remove an infestation or give you a protective barrier, that treatment will slowly start to fade away. Weather, time, and regular cleaning around your home naturally weakens the treatments’ preventative properties, eventually leaving your house as unprotected as it was before the pest control visit.

Ongoing pest control can effectively keep pests away from your home for good. You will find many companies that offer quarterly, bi-monthly, or even monthly visits, but this can be a little confusing as you try to determine what frequency of pest control visits fits best with your home’s needs and budget.

Planning Your Ongoing Pest Control Schedule

Pests in Rocklin and Roseville are always trying to invade. In the spring, summer, and early fall, warm weather means many insect species are active as they seek out food and grow their populations. But the pest risk does not stop in the winter either. Rodents, cockroaches, and other bugs will move indoors  looking for a warm shelter as temperatures drop.

Ongoing pest control works to provide year round pest protection by regularly applying a strong treatment around your property.  The regular visits also give pest professionals the ability to

Identify problems early on and take action if there is risk of an infestation instead of waiting for bugs to overrun your yard and home.

The standard timeline for pest control used to be monthly visits. Today, pest control companies like ADAPT use strong and long lasting treatments that make the monthly visits unnecessary. These newer treatments will last for well over a month, keeping your home protected in the meantime.

This leaves you with the option of bi-monthly or quarterly pest control. When choosing which solution 

you want for your home, consider the following:

  • Cost – More frequent visits mean a slightly higher cost to cover the additional time and treatment, but bi-monthly pest control can be more effective at preventing pest infestations, which are generally costly to remove. They also eliminate the headache of having bugs in your home, so the cost may be worth it for you.
  • Location of Your Home – Certain pests thrive in urban locations while others prefer more rural open spaces. If your home has extensive land or is located near open land, you may be more at risk for pest invasions. The same goes for urban settings such as apartments and condos where bugs can travel easily between properties. Either location might require more frequent visits.
  • Previous Pest Problems – If you have had extensive pest problems in the past, your home may simply be more at risk for infestations. Bi-monthly pest control can help significantly reduce that risk.
  • Local Challenges – Construction, natural disasters, and expanding pest populations can mean your home is in danger of an invasion and you may need to select bi-monthly pest control to adequately meet these new threats. 

If you are unsure how frequently you should get pest control at your home, it is best to speak to a local pest control company who knows the areas and risk. ADAPT provides a free evaluation of your home to give you an honest answer as to which pest control schedule will effectively protect your home while staying within your budget. To schedule your evaluation and get a quote, call our team today.

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