Prevention is Better Than Treatment – Commercial Pest Control Case Study

Adapt Pest Management offers commercial pest control in the Greater Sacramento region. We were recently contacted by a growing company with multiple locations across Northern California. They recently purchased this two-building facility that had large roof vents that birds and bats could fly into, and they were at risk of having this type of wildlife become a frequent and growing challenge in their building.

They were also missing door sweeps, and they had no ongoing pest control – the property manager was attempting to do it himself, but that caused him a lot of time and headaches.

What We Did

We first sealed the entry points to prevent birds, bats, and rats, from entering the property. We then replaced the door sweeps, which kept rodents and small insects away. Now, this company uses Adapt Pest Management to provide them with ongoing pest management to help them with their future pest needs.

Large scale pest control like this benefits from prevention, which costs more upfront but saves a fortune in the future. It should also be left in the hands of professionals. Make sure you contact us if you need commercial pest control.

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