Is Pest Control Worth the Price?

Inflation has caused most people to take a closer look at their budgets and decide whether or not they need all their extra expenses. Many people have canceled streaming services, taken over their lawn mowing, and turned off their AC in an effort to reduce their monthly costs. Some people wonder whether or not they should also consider doing their own pest control.

But the answer to this is almost resoundingly no. Professional pest control is always a better option, because Do it Yourself pest control offers very limited solutions and will not meet the needs of -any- homeowner or renter.

Why is DIY Pest Control a Bad Idea?

Now, there are some tasks that make perfect sense to do from home. For example, let’s say you see a small hole in your siding, and it looks like pests can get in. Seal that hole. Congratulations, you have technically performed pest control.

But for ongoing pest control, the benefits far outweigh the costs. For example:

  • We have better formulas that we use that are both safer and more effective in the long term. OTC pest control tends to be weaker, more toxic, and wear away faster. This means you have to keep re-applying it over and over.
  • We are able to mix ingredients in specific ways when we need to make adjustments for specific pests. That is not something that is typically possible with home pest control.
  • We use pest control over your entire home and have extra tools and services for tasks like removing cobwebs. That is a lot of extra time most property owners do not want to spend on bugs.

We can also identify problem areas, find pests where you did not expect them, use extremely safe pest control for interior treatments, and much more. It should also be noted that the overall cost is fairly low. Our pest control rates start at $79 bi-monthly as of this writing. That means you’re only really paying $34.50 a month, and we come to your property again if for any reason you still see pests.

There is really no comparison. Professional pest control saves time, money, and improves both safety and effectiveness. Get started with pest control today by contacting Adapt Pest Management.

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