What to Do When Mosquitoes Live in an Untreatable Area?

As a Roseville mosquito treatment provider, we know how irritating and common it can be to experience mosquitoes bites each and every year. Part of the reason we treat so many homes in the Roseville and Rocklin area is because mosquitoes are such a frequent issue that typical avoidance measures – like DEET – are both impractical and irritating.

Most of the time, the process for treating mosquitoes is straight forward. But there are some situations when a home is at risk for mosquitoes, but a realistic treatment is not necessarily possible. For example, if you have a park or body of water nearby, you can treat your home all you want, but you may not be able to treat all the land around you that attracts more and more mosquitoes.

So when those situations occur, what can be done?

Tips to Avoid Mosquitoes

  • Get Treated Anyway – Mosquito treatments will still reduce the frequency and severity of mosquito infestations, even if they can’t prevent them altogether. Get your property treated anyway, to avoid experiencing more mosquitoes than you have to.
  • Consider Lawn Care – Shorter grass and trimmed bushes give fewer places for mosquitoes to hide during the day, which means that fewer still will live on or near your property when you go outside.
  • Create a Barrier – There are different ways to create barriers around your property, and you can try protecting yourself using plants, netting, fans, mist devices, and other installations that make it harder for mosquitoes to enter.

These solutions are one of several ways to keep mosquitoes out even when you are near a park or body of water that you are unable to treat. For more tips and tricks, contact ADAPT Pest Management today for Roseville and Rocklin mosquito control.

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