Allergies From Inside the House

Your windows are closed. Your door is locked. You’ve been dusting and cleaning every day. But you’re still struggling with allergies and you’re not sure why.

It’s possible the culprit is cockroaches.

Roaches may not be the first pest you think about when you’re struggling with allergies. But these pests are known allergy spreaders, and in homes with people that struggle from asthma, they can even be somewhat dangerous. That’s because cockroaches:

  • Spread oils.
  • Shed skin.
  • Leave droppings.

Each of these is a known allergen. Because roaches are great at hiding, you may not even know you have a roach infestation, causing you to struggle with allergies and still be unable to find the cause.

Cockroach allergies are surprisingly common. So are allergies from other pests. Thankfully, they are only likely to be severe if you have a severe infestation, and at that point you may notice signs of roaches like dead bugs. But it still helps to take precautions, especially because cockroaches can breed quickly and spread before you have a chance to address them. Ongoing bi-monthly pest control is a great way to do that, offering a way to both eliminate and prevent roaches all throughout the year. Give us a call for more about our affordable ongoing pest control services.

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