Pest Control for Schools Around Roseville and Rocklin

ADAPT Pest Management is best known for our work with residential properties in areas like Roseville, Rocklin, Sacramento, Auburn, Lincoln, and beyond. But we also know that pests do not care about your property type, and when it comes to the safety of those inside of a property, it’s important to trust that you have a pest control company available when you need us most.

So, at least on our end, it is not a surprise that we receive many calls from schools and pre-schools in the area that are in need of some help.

Pests Carry Risks – and Children Are Most Vulnerable

Nobody likes pests. But the people most at risk for pests are those that have growing immune systems, or are more likely to have untreated challenges like asthma that make some pests more dangerous.

When you have a pest infestation at a school of any size, and for children of any age, you’re increasing the risk of dangerous bites, allergies, asthma, food poisoning, bacterial infections, and more.

That is why every school of any size needs to make sure that they have a pest control company they trust to be:

  • Detailed
  • Thorough
  • Available

You need a pest control company that is equipped to handle any pest infestation at a school of any size, but treats the building and those inside it like they’re our own family.

We’ve treated the schools that our own children go to. We would never risk the safety and security of our own children, and if we didn’t trust our services, we wouldn’t have accepted the job. But we know how careful we are, and you can trust us for addressing your pest control needs.

If you need a pest control company for school or similar property, and you’re within 10 miles of the Roseville and Rocklin area, please contact us today for an assessment and quote.

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