Increase Your Chances for Successful Extermination with These Tips

When you have ants, roaches, wasps, house centipedes, or any of the dozen other pests that infest homes in the Greater Sacramento area, your primary goal is likely to get rid of these bugs as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is with the help of a Sacramento pest control company. 

At ADAPT Pest, we have extensive training in dealing with all of this area’s pests. Our experience has taught us what to look for and how to respond, enabling us to identify the problem quickly and implement the right removal techniques to get rid of pests. While we know we can successfully exterminate pests, there are a few things you can do to help the pest professional treating your infestation remove bugs faster and with potentially less cost for you.

How to Speed Up Pest Extermination

Pest infestations are easiest to eliminate the earlier we can catch them. When an infestation goes on for a long period of time, it gives bugs more time to reproduce and spread further throughout your home. It is always possible to eliminate pests, but once an infestation has become advanced it will take more effort and more time. The best tips to avoid this situation are to:

  • Call Us ASAP – Do not wait until you notice dozens of bugs or attempt to stall an infestation with DIY treatments as this can allow bugs to grow their numbers out of sight. Instead, call us as soon as you suspect an infestation at your home so we can arrive to begin treatment quickly.
  • Remove Food Sources – Bugs may have already gotten in to consume food around your home and while it is too late to prevent bugs that are already inside, you can keep them from spreading to new locations by hiding other sources of food. Do a thorough cleaning of your home to remove any spills or food that has been left out. Depending on the pest, this can also encourage them to leave to find better habitats when we begin our pest treatments.
  • Note Information About Your Infestation – Write down any facts you are able to remember or know about the bugs in your home, such as when you first noticed them, where you have spotted them, and what direction they were moving in. If you have had past pest problems at your home, that is also important information. Providing your pest professional with these notes can help them tailor treatment to be more effective.

Having a pest infestation at your home can be a stressful situation, but before you panic, know that our team at ADAPT Pest is here with all the tools and treatments to effectively get rid of your pest problem. Get started with our expert pest control when you contact us today.

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