If Your Pest Control Was On Hold – Now is the Time to Restart It

We’re in the middle of a freezing cold front. It hailed today – late February, a time of year that recently has been dry and warm. It’s going to be raining all week, and there are some warnings that we may get snow flurries. This is some incredibly cold, odd weather for us this time of year.

But we are also nearing the end of winter, and once winter ends, we are going to be immediately bombarded by pest season. We don’t know exactly what day it will start, but all these rains and all this cold mean that at some point soon, the pests are going to start invading, and once they do it’s going to come fast.

Pest-Free Winters and Pest-Rich Springs

If you moved into a new home this winter, or you paused your previous pest control company because it was cold and they weren’t offering you the service you wanted, now is the time to look at finding a new pest control that can help. That is because pests won’t wait. The moment the weather is favorable, they are going to start invading.

By getting started with pest control now, you can create a barrier that pests will not be able to cross – a barrier that lasts as long as 2 months, all the way into April (as of this writing). So, if pests decide they’re going to start invading some time in March, you’re already protected with a long lasting formula that is toxic for most insects.

If you’re someone that does not like pests, that means that you can avoid pest invasions and protect your property even though pests may not be currently invading in large numbers. They will soon, as this winter looks to be creating a greener environment that allows insects and spiders to thrive. Ongoing pest control that starts as soon as today will offer you the best possible protection from these invasions.

Don’t Wait – Call for Pest Control Today

Adapt Pest Management provides pest control in Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville, Auburn, Granite Bay, and beyond. We have outstanding rates, and a dedication to offering the highest quality service. Please contact us today for an estimate, or to schedule your first appointment before pest season begins.

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