What to Look for When Choosing a Pest Control Company

When you find bugs in your home, your first priority probably is to get rid of them as quickly as possible. But picking the first pest control company you find online is not always the best option. Here in Rocklin, there are dozens of options for pest control, so it is important to select one that meets your specific needs.

Some of the factors you will want to consider include services, experience and training, and pricing. While getting all of this information may require clicking onto a few different websites or making a couple of calls, the effort now will pay off when you work with the local pest control company that is professional, knowledgeable, and gets rid of every pest.

How to Select the Right Pest Control Company for Your Home

Every company has a different philosophy behind its approach to pest control. This can impact which services they offer and how successful they are in both exterminating and preventing pests. With options ranging from national companies to local individuals with commercial pesticides, make sure you choose the best one by looking at their:

  • Local Experience – The types of pests and the ways they behave varies from city to city and neighborhood to neighborhood. A local company will often understand the pests in your area and adjust their pest control accordingly. In addition to local experience, you want to confirm that the company has experience with your specific pest problem. 
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control – Modern pest control treatments are eco-friendly. They are designed to exterminate pests, but be harmless to adults, children, and pets who later come into contact with them. Eco-friendly pest control may also include exclusion for wildlife, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and other chemical-free strategies.
  • Ongoing Training – Pest habits are always changing and adapting, and entomologists frequently produce new research on pests. You want to work with a pest control company that is continuously training its pest professionals on the newest information and more updated techniques.
  • Affordable Prices – This one can be difficult since you want the best price without getting a low quality service. Most pest control companies will offer a free quote which you can use along with other research to be sure you are getting a competitive price for the service you need.
  • Licenses – Pest control technicians must be licensed in the state where they provide service to ensure they are trained in safe handling of any chemicals and equipment and continue to meet any safety requirements.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Some pest control companies will offer a guarantee. If you notice pests on your property within a specified time after service, the company will provide follow up service at no additional cost. This can give you added assurance for your services.

There are other factors that can inform your decision as well. Many companies now have online reviews that you can use to confirm other customers were satisfied. A phone call can also reassure you that the company’s team members are professional, ready to listen to your concerns, and knowledgeable about the treatments they provide.

If you need a pest control company in the Rocklin and Roseville, CA area that meets all of the above requirements and offers leading customer service in the area, give ADAPT Pest a call. We use the latest pest control science to provide safe, professional, and effective extermination in Greater Sacramento.

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