Unique Ways That Pest Control Affects Lincoln Residents

Adapt Pest Management is not far from Lincoln, and – as part of our experience working with Lincoln residents – we’ve learned a lot about some of the challenges that affect homeowners in the area with regard to pests. Lincoln is in a unique situation that leads to potentially more – and more common – pest problems. Below, we discuss some of these issues and why they occur.

Why Are Pests a Greater Challenge in Lincoln, CA?

Pests are a problem everywhere, and – in theory – you can experience basically any pest problem no matter where you are located in Placer County. But there are issues that are unique to places like Lincoln. For example:

  • Merge of Rural and Suburban – Perhaps the greatest challenge is that Lincoln is essentially a hybrid between a rural, nature-rich area and suburban city life. Different pests prefer each environment. There are many pests that prefer “city life,” like roaches and rats. There are also many pests that prefer nature, like ants mosquitoes and ticks. There are also pests that love both, like skunks, which are more common in rural areas but feed off of human trash. That merging can create a big pest control problem for homeowners.
  • Rapid Development – Lincoln has been experiencing rapid development. There were only 10,000 residents just 20 years ago. Now? 50,000 and growing. Rapid development increases the risk of pests substantially, because it alters their habitats and pushes them away from developing areas. While it is great to see Lincoln growing, it also means that you can expect all different types of pests and wildlife to be displaced and looking for a new place to call home.
  • Minimal Pest Control – One of the things we were most struck by with our work in Lincoln is how few homeowners get ongoing pest control. Many call us for one time treatments when they have a noticeable infestation, but won’t get ongoing pest control to keep pests away. That not only affect those homeowners – they can affect their neighbors as well.

While it’s true that pests can affect any home, anywhere, there are regional differences even in neighboring cities. The items on the above list are some of the examples of ways that Lincoln, in particular, has specific and unique needs with pest control. It’s one of the things that we, as a pest control company that services Lincoln, have to be aware of before we care for our client’s properties.

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