The Importance of Ongoing Pest Control in Rocklin

Rocklin is a great place to live. Relatively warm weather year round makes it possible to really enjoy the outdoors, whether that’s your own backyard or the abundant natural spaces in the Foothills. Yet this warm weather, and nearby nature, also means that bugs can thrive in the area. They are active in most seasons, making a home infestation an almost constant possibility.

Ongoing Rocklin pest control addresses infestations before they happen. It gets rid of bugs while their populations are still small, locates any risky areas, and uses preventative treatments to make insects less likely to return.

Why Choose Ongoing Pest Control?

When you wait until you see a bug to call for pest control, you’re already up against a few challenges. One insect likely means hundreds more are closeby. If the pest is one that can cause disease – like flies or roaches – you and your family are already at risk. There is also the possibility that infestations can attract other pests like spiders, giving you more bugs to deal with.

Regular pest control in Rocklin is preventative. The process is twofold, eliminating any pests already living on the property and using prevention tactics to prevent more bugs from entering later on. This keeps a few insects from growing into a population of thousands and protects the perimeter of a property. Compared to reactive pest control for a full blown infestation, ongoing pest management is more:

  • Effective – By fixing the problem early on or before it even starts, you gain the maxim protection against pests. Professional preventative pest control is also more effective than other methods such as constant cleaning or DIY methods.
  • Affordable – Eliminating thousands of pests is always going to be more expensive than keeping them out or eliminating just a few. Ongoing pest control is affordable – starting at $69 for homes under 2000 square feet here at ADAPT Pest Management – removes the need for costly elimination procedures later on.
  • Convenient – Treatments are only applied outdoors (unless indoors is needed) and the process is quick. There is no need to leave your home or make special arrangements so that pests can be removed.

Almost every common pest is targeted by ongoing pest control. The inclusive treatments work against ants, roaches, spiders, ticks, fleas, and more.

How ADAPT Pest Management’s Bimonthly Services Work

We provide our ongoing pest management services to both homes and commercial properties. At each visit, we begin with an inspection of the property exterior to examine any changes since the last treatment.

Then we’ll apply any necessary treatments, choosing techniques that specifically work against pests in your particular area and that we expect to be a challenge in the upcoming months. The treatments we use are designed to be long lasting so that they continue to be effective between visits. They are also eco-friendly and safe to be used around your home, even if people or pets later come into contact with them.

We end each bimonthly visit with a report to keep you apprised of what we did and actions you can take to help make your home or business less attractive to pests.

If you are looking for a more effective way to handle insects around your property, ongoing pest control is the best way. At ADAPT Pest Management, our knowledgeable and experienced pest control gives our customers the area’s most affordable and effective solutions. Get in touch with us to learn more about what you can expect with our services.

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