Cockroaches in Rocklin, CA – Treatment with ADAPT Pest Management

We have a lot of pests here in Rocklin. We have spiders. We have ants. We have house centipedes. We have flies, earwigs, and on and on. But few pests in Rocklin cause the dread and worry that we experience when we see cockroaches on our property.

ADAPT Pest Management provides treatment for cockroaches, along with all of your standard household pests. We offer both one time and ongoing support for some of the most affordable prices in all of the Rocklin area. If you suspect you have cockroaches, or you are ready for our pest control services, contact us today at 916-755-6555.

Types of Cockroaches in Rocklin, CA

Because of our location, we have a blend of both rural and urban cockroach species. Many of them live only outdoors, but some of them survive almost entirely in human properties. They survive off spilled food, water, and the safety/temperature that these dwellings provide.

The Rocklin cockroaches that lead to the most common problems in the Rocklin, Roseville, and Sacramento area include:

  • Oriental Cockroaches
  • Turkestan Cockroaches
  • German Cockroaches

We have many other species of cockroach that can find their way into your property by accident, such as the wood cockroach. American cockroaches are an extremely common household pest that does exist in the Sacramento area, but are a bit less common compared to these other cockroach species.

Not only do we have a roach problem in Rocklin households, but we also have roaches that live in our sewers, and they have a tendency to climb out and spread during the breeding and warmer months.

Cockroach Control – An Ongoing Service

Cockroaches are almost impossible to control without help. They are survivors. Despite their size, they also have the ability to sneak through very small spaces. Once they’re indoors, it becomes easy for them to breed and for an infestation to grow.

Adapt Pest Management provides pest control in Rocklin, CA, for households and commercial properties of all sizes. We provide an ongoing service, treating the outdoors and indoors (if you already have an infestation) with long lasting solutions that eliminate cockroaches right away and keep them from coming back.

If you suspect you have cockroaches in Rocklin, or you want to learn more about our affordable pest control service, contact Adapt Pest Management, today.

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