Quarterly Pest Control: Too Good to Be True?

The technology and science behind pest control is frequently changing. There was a time when all pest control was monthly. Every month, someone would come to the property and provide sprays and protection that, over the course of the next few weeks, would break down and need to be re-applied. Most of the pest control companies in Roseville, Rocklin, and the rest of the Sacramento area used to use this type of monthly service.

But times have changed. Pest control solutions are now longer lasting than ever before. You’ll even find some places offering “quarterly” pest control, coming only once every 3 months, often for a good price. But does pest control really last 3 months?

Bi-Monthly vs. Quarterly Pest Service

Unfortunately, the current solutions used in pest control applications do not typically last 3 months. Almost all of them are rated to last roughly 8 weeks, after which they start to rapidly fade. They’re more durable than ever, able to withstand both sun and rain, but they are not meant to or able to last for three month periods.

So why do so many pest control companies offer a quarterly service?

Each pest control application will last about 2 months before it starts to fade. That means during the third month, you’re not entirely protected. However, pests do not typically just wait for 2 months on the sidelines and then suddenly rush to enter a home. Pest invasions are always gradual, with one pest here or there. In some cases, you can have an entire month where very few pests enter, even if you’re not protected.

Companies that offer quarterly service are often hoping that pests won’t enter right away. That allows them to charge more by offering a typically more expensive quarterly service despite only giving you two months of protection. Customers believe they’re saving money since the “per month” cost is less, but they’re actually paying more money per treatment.

Why We Believe in Affordable Bi-Monthly Pest Control

At ADAPT Pest, we believe in offering the pest possible pest control at the lowest possible cost. It’s why we offer a $79 starting rate for bi-monthly pest control (homes less than 2000 square feet), one of the lowest in the industry both on a per month basis and for bi-monthly solutions.

We believe that you deserve to be pest free, and that you shouldn’t be at risk for pests on your property after the solution wears away. We charge the lowest rates we can, and even though the solutions we use last for two months, we still are happy to guarantee our work and come back if you still find any pests on your property.

ADAPT Pest offers Roseville pest control – along with most of the surrounding region – that is designed with your comfort, satisfaction, and budget in mind. Give us a call today to learn more about our service.

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